6 days until next gen game reveals

>6 days until next gen game reveals

Oh god the wait is LITERALLY killing me..

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then die?

Wait, really? What are they revealing? They already showed the box and a few exclusives like Senua 2

MS has two "E3"s, one for 3rd party (this one) and one for 1st party (june/july).

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>Multiplats that will run worse on PS5
Can't wait for your Fridgebox to get blown out again Timmy Dimmy Dog

So it's just gonna be Microsoft presenting a bunch of next gen multiplats? Pic very much related

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For this one, yes.
Will most likely have Elden Ring too and games that aren't announced yet. Hopefully the Harry Potter RPG too.

confirmed Elden Ring reveal and that it's cross-gen, considering Vaati is literally a shill and insider

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Sounds pretty based desu. I'll probably tune in to see what I'm gonna be playing on my PC next year. Also
> Harry Potter RPG
Are we talking about the Warner Bros one? I thought that was debunked as a fake leak

of course elden ring is cross-gen though we cant be too sure this event is focusing on cross-gen titles

>Multiplats that will run worse on PS5

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So if the XSX is targeting 4k like the XBX and is equivalent to a 3700X+2070S, then my 3700X+2070S build should be good for 1440p for the whole generation right?

Rate Gen 8.

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well, AC: Valhalla is cross-gen and that has a gameplay reveal there, so who knows

yeah better to just be hopeful at least.

Depends what framerate you're targeting. No matter how good the hardware gets, there will always be devs making games that run at a buttery smooth 24fps. So you'll need 2x the power to run them at 60.

>I thought that was debunked as a fake leak
As far as I know it's real and worked on by Avalanche Software (not the JC devs).

Some Deep Silver guys also reacted to the Xboner tweet so I'm guessing they'll be there too, either to show Saints Row 5 or Dead Island 2.

Unless they have an exclusive platinum games title I don't care and that is looking very unlikely

But it's all going to be multiplat western 3rd party AAA shit, so who gives a fuck?

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Kys weebfag, there's Elden Ring for you.

So many cancelled games being announced in 6 days

This isn't nearly as funny once you know the bottom part is for another game (Rogue)

Cross gen or not games will look amazing. Developers simply wont give shit about cross gen counter parts after 5-6 months. They will outsource to some chink or indian company while they will focusing on next gen versions. This is how it has been literally for all gaming.

Sure you might get AC Vikings whatever on PS4 but it will be 20 fps , jaggied and huge load times they wont just care and say lol upgrade poor fag

>6 days until cross-gen third-party multiplats led by Ass Creed
No thanks Phil


Simmer down, Eric L.

They better show fucking Halo infinite gameplay or else...

Take your meds, Barry.

4/10. A couple of decent games, but mostly remasters and just straight up shit games. Best I can do.

They better show fucking Elden Ring gameplay or else...

Not a weebfag, it just so happens that 90% of western games are irredeemable trash. If Uzbekistans happened to be the only ones to consistently releasing superior games then I'd be a Uzbekifag I guess.

Furthermore I already know Elden Ring will be up my alley, why would I watch even a second more of media/gameplay related to it? Just to spoil myself? It's already a guaranteed day1 purchase so why ruin my fresh experience in advance?

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it has to be there, have HOPE

>anime buttonmashers and visual novel porn games

I think it would be cool if we actually played as the elf chick with the staff and it was a magic focused game

It'll be pre-rendered videos.

What's the chance of a Elden ring gameplay trailer?

>gen 8


But all genres are represented?

I play zero VN's and the only "button masher" game I can think of are fighters, which once again Japan does best by far and has much more variety of fighting games compared to the entire rest of the world, and aren't button mashy unless you are 8yo.

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>his gaming experience gets ruined by watching a trailer

very high chance unless the game is cancelled

well its not cancelled for sure

Blew its load super early with Bloodborne in 2015, and was plagued towards the end with repeated cash grab remasters one after the other.

Not ruined, but at the same time it's literally useless for me to watch a second trailer when the first wave of details already made me decide to buy the game. Anything else above that is an unnecessary spoiler.

it is more rpg based, as said in the interviews. so there is hope for that.