Still the only MilSim worth playing

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arma 3 is so comfy taking shots at hundreds of meters, so wholesome


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i have like 200 hours but never had many good experiences with it, don't have enough friends to play it at a proper scale and idk where should i find randoms to play with (or even if i want to), oh and AI kinda sucks.

also, the engine is bad, low fps even in high end pc's, full of bugs, and they're bloating the game with useless shit like the last dlc's.

if you exclude all these, it's a masterpiece. atm i see it more as an idea than an actual game. an idea that will get a better implementation in the future.

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>also, the engine is bad, low fps even in high end pc's
Literally what? I get a silky smooth 1080p/60fps on a half a decade old i7-4790 + GTX 970 on extremely high settings.

Amen. Ain't nothing can or will come close.

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heavily depends on mission, on empty map i get 60fps with maxed graphics/distance, on the new warlords missions for example even on lowest settings it's hardly playable

arma 3 has quite possibly the single worst-optimized engine of any multiplayer game with over 1000 players

the only way you could dispute this is if you've literally never played a game besides arma 3

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KotH on arma3 is cringe
just play cod nigga

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>arma 3 has quite possibly the single worst-optimized engine of any multiplayer game with over 1000 players
Name a single other game that does what ARMA 3 does, oh wait, you can't, so you don't actually have a single point of reference for how well "optimized" it is.

i play alone and easily clocked over 500 on just flying aircraft. you get a lot of you like the creative tools given to you.

now if only they'd knock it off with the stupid near future shit.

miss when i had friends to play arma w/. Those were the days, booting up arma 2 every weekend to play custom coop missions w/ the squad.

I've heard rumors ARMA 4 is back to the 80s, so here's hoping. I want more period stuff like the Germany DLC.

arma vietnam please

the mods are great but give me more

what do you even play on arma3
with my few friends we usually do dynamic recon ops, which is randomly generated and often shitty, or someone spends their day creating a mission beforehand
this shit should have been dealt with

quit being a faggot
it's not like they're going full 2142 with their futuristic stuff.
also lets those who love the 60's and 80's stuff to make them as incredible mods that entire community's can get behind easily.

>playing KOTH/RPLife/small-scaled shit, meant to filter out the kids and casuals

ishygddt... the real chads do full-scale milsim missions/editing/Zeus.

the stupid near future shit is pretty cool user, or you don't like stuff like the gm6 lynx or the 338 lmg

Planetside 2?

go on armaholic and download missions

Yeah okay op

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>Planetside 2?

Planetside 1 as well

idk sounds more like the future shit shouldve been the mod. aint no reason to think octagonal tanks is real.

What's his fuckin' problemo, bros!?

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every battlefield game since battlefield 2

have you actually played any of these games

Does anyone play that any more now we have Squad?

This guy gets it. if you bother joining the right clan and everything, battlefield's unironically a p good "milsim"

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I have 1k hours of arma3. 70% of that is single player with AI, downloaded missions, custom missions, map editor etc. Its one of a kind game.

not with those tiny maps

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Invade Annex servers on tanoa are the game at it's best, get real Crysis flashbacks hunting easterners through the jungles.

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Nah, Vietnam/WW2 Liberation maps are the game at it's best.

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I just play co-op, the AI isnt the best in this game but it still beats playing PVP with a bunch of people trying to exploit the game to ruin the experience for others.

Not enough RHS OPFOR missions. Everyone wants to play as ZOGbots

Look into Headless Clients and AI Mods, turns them into monsters.

fuck off zoomer

Have you guys played Callsign Minotaur? I enjoyed it a lot.

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>he plays alone againt AI
I wouldn't wish solo arma against my worst enemy

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ARMA 4 could just be an engine upgrade and that would be enough for me

>pirate arma 3, do the campaign
>oh shit its just like my operation flashpoints back in the day
>see operation flashopoint mod on steamworks
>game with dlc on sale
>bite the bullet and buy bundle
>download 100 gb of mods, don't even know how that happened
>play operation flashpoint mods
>oh wait it kinda actually plays the same as back then
>except tanks are fucking crazy snipers with armor and AT doesnt do shit
>still savescum to hit helis with rpgs
>they dont go flying crazy into the ground like back then
>mod maps remade for arma 3 are unimpressive
>buildings still cause weird clipping issues.
>alien campaign was almost fun except you're expected not to shoot anyone really so dont finish it
>oldman campaign more like nofpsman
>dont play mp because you're scared of autists
>have no friends and no idea even how to get into mp
>still dont know most of the controls because this game is fucking autocad or some shit
>try to map controller just for heli and plane for hybrid play
>get bored doing it for hours because its just not satisfactory
>everyone else is "jUsT wAiT foR ARMA FoR sO tHEY FixX the ENgiNE!!"

yeah... no

Why? Its fantastic. Managing your squad, taking the game at your own pace, toying with the editor, trying out the same scenarios from different point of the soldier. Its great!

All I want out of ARMA 4 is improved CQC, opening doors, collision detection etc and urban AI pathfinding (it is better with mods, but still far from perfect).

>play solo
>boring as shit, single player is fucking terrible and playing on public servers is trash
>almost nobody communicates, 99% of the time the servers are just people sitting on a hillside with virtual arsenal gear, everyone has a sniper rifle and an 8x scope
>arma AI doesn't really know how to deal with long range threats even now and there is basically zero danger
>play with my idiot friends
>they just die a lot and respawn their way to victory

What do I do guys? I don't want to join one of those faggot larp groups where they have ranks and say tango down but this current state of affairs is joyless and almost unbearable.