Original Uncharted cast reunion

>Original Uncharted cast reunion
>Based Amy Hennig making tons of dirty jokes
Whatever happened to this Naughty Dog?

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druckmann destroyed it

cuckman the jewish parasite destroyed it

Fuck off faggot, 1-3 has always been good

Nolan North really is /ourguy/



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All of the original talent left a long time ago now and Druckmann took over. I'm sure those totally aren't related events at all.

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Yooo, where is my nigga Druckmann?! I though he owns this fucking series, what the fuck, so much wipipo makes my eyes go blind.

Awww does someone need a diapey change?
Did you poo poo in your pants?

nolan north hates cuckmann for making him lose a fight to a fucking dumb ass girl.

>imagine wasting your life to get a (you) on anonymous board about toys

Wtf, are you saying you poop yourself and "just ignore it"?
That's fucked

Neil cuckmann did what any Jews would do and that is to destroy and subvert everything that it touches.

They left

You got a sick mind, kid.

This is cool

amy talking about what she was proud of the games for was really nice

15 mins in and this is comfy. This wouldn't happen in nuNaughtyDog because people don't reminisce about regimes.

wouldn't be surprised if nolan is blackballed from naughty dog for being too based.

As someone who has played most of them no they aren't. They're as bog standard a shooter as it gets.

same thing that happened to fun and sex appeal in entertainment
liberals destroyed it

I find it funny that even the other main guy who made last of us and uncharted 4 with him couldn`t stand him anymore and left 2017

Agree to disagree

modern ND doesn`t want to make to have white male leads period, so there is no need to work with white male voice actors either

>Yas Forums getting nostalgic over fucking Uncharted le based Amy did nothing wrong
Jesus fucking Christ the state of this board and its culture war. ND have been shit for 13 years and she is just as culpable for it.


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Nah you're just gay

Amy is a great writer, play Soul Reaver you pleb.

Quality argument

Amy is based af, pathetic zoomer

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Rent free

Didn't realise writing was the most important part of a fucking video game

Funny thing is the right is being pushed further to the left because the left is going far left. Yas Forums is too low IQ to even pick up on this.

I love how no one talks about the gameplay of these games either. Bit suspicious. Also she wasn't the only writer involved with that series.

It's ok. Retards like you tend to forget a lot of things.

>old bitch in bikini top
Jesus Christ why? Literally nobody wants to see some old melted bitch in a fucking bikini top. The chick to the left of her is the one who should be half naked.

And what's up with this trend where everyone on zoom calls are like in bra and panties and boxers and shit? Do these niggers not realize their little podcast/youtube show/family reunion bullshit is being broadcasted to the internet? Jesus...