Damn. Jack the Ripper looked like THAT?

Damn. Jack the Ripper looked like THAT?

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He did not look like that.

Prove it

Jack is perfect fap fuel.

not enough ass

Yes and king arthur was actually a petite blond girl and his son was also a petite girl and they all could speak fluent japanese

Nah, Jack the Ripper looks like this


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For sure.

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I thought King Arthur had massive boobs though

Pretty sure that the masculine name J A C K is enough to prove it.

Is this the ***** thread?

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>No cock
Dont even bother posting

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Hips to make a grown woman jealous

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This, Clancey is a lot cuter.

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That's only an alternate King Arthur who didn't take up excalibur and instead went with rhongomyniad

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The perfect body type for violent mating

Meant for



Needs more focus on her fanny.

I dunno about that.

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Jack is CUTE!

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for me it's Abby

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Well, if it isn't Sacy jack...

i still cant believe that turning king arthur into a girl started all this shit

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Who is this boi?

I'm definitely not a Lolicon, but this Jack girl is doing something to me that I'm not sure is appropriate.

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While Fate's Arthur is indeed a girl complete with Merlin having to craft a magical dick for her to impregnate Guinevere, Fate's Jack the Ripper is actually his soul resurrected in a body of one of the whores he killed.

Could be short for Jacqueline.

Theres something off about this jack

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Jesus... may God have mercy on my soul

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Clancey from The Midnight Gospel.

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Or his legend

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Who's Maria then?

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>Mayo is Shooting straight p
What sort of gravity fuckery is going on here?

Too old

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bury pink boy

Of course you're not.

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Truly user, I never thought about those things before, but this girl is ruining me right now, I feel bad for wanting to see more

Imagine being so retarded but at the same time so competent that you manage to summon Jack while fucking around in the park with vidya merchandise.

Why contain it?

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I think Jack appears differently in each class because each class is a different theory on who jack could be, due to the serial killer never being caught

I understand 'jack' part, but what about 'ripper'?