Why does Neil hate him so much? Why create him in the first place?

Why does Neil hate him so much? Why create him in the first place?

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He didn't like how Joel became the point of adoration over Ellie.

Because it was never a good game to begin with. Just a slower paced Uncharted with bad stealth and a story ripped from The Road, Children of Men and TWD but nowhere near as good as any of them. Sonyfags and gaming media prop it up because videogames must now be films so they can be "taken seriously". After all if you're a 40 year old sitting in front of your TV with a game controller and somebody walks in on you, better you're not playing Sonic the Hedgehog or some shit

What’s wrong with Sonic? I’ve been playing it on my Switch during breaks at work and I’m having a blast

If that was true then Ellie would be the star of her own game like all the false advertising tricked people into thinking

he's white

guys like joel because he is a gruffed 30ish something white male. There is a reason this type a character was the protag in almost every single game
girls like joel because he is a masculine 30ish something white male. There is a reason girls swoon about this type of character.

This triggers the lefty, because he is neither a basedboy, nor a sissy, nor a tranny nor a black.

Simple as.

you work at Del Taco. Don't kid yourself

Joel is easily the core of TLOU, the reason the story works is because of Joel's arc.

Joel is both sympathetic and an asshole, hero and villain.

I'm pretty sure he wasn't a wokefag until after he wrote TLoU1. I could be wrong, though.

joel is not a villain, he kills cannibals and terrorists
fuck off cuckman

>Druckmann is a regular advocate of gender equality in video games, citing Anita Sarkeesian as an influence;[64] he presented the Ambassador Award to Sarkeesian at the 2014 Game Developers Choice Awards,[65] and regularly advocated her projects.[66] Throughout the development of Uncharted 4, Druckmann was influenced by concept artist Ashley Swidowski to include more female characters in the game. "She is constantly challenging me and pushing for diversity in our cast", he said.[58] Upon focus testers' criticism regarding the inclusion and portrayal of female characters in Uncharted 4, one of whom was forced to leave due to an outburst, Druckmann expressed "Wow, why does that matter?".[64]
I really dislike this dude and I’m glad his career is fading from this backlash.

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>you can't kill a character you love
Go watch transformers m8 it's more your speed. Which is saying a lot considering TLOU is for fucking goat people.

cuckman was always a retarded cuck
the guy on the left the actual brain in naughty dog left the company after uc4 and it shows

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I'm amazed at how much of a fucking psychopath that cuck looks like.

Diversity is fine if it stems from the story and is organic.

Showhorning it in often has the opposite effect, turning people against diversity.

Sorry , user but that isn't Art.

Exactly, something that Neil will never understand.
It’s part of why Miles Morales wasn’t liked when they first put him in Spider-Man, they killed off Peter Parker and forced him in because the writers unironically based him on Obama.
It wasn’t until years later when they wrote him as a separate Spider-Man who helped Peter as his apprentice that he was more widely accepted.

Did you not watch the documentary of the Making of? He says there, it was their intention to phase out Joel for Ellie.

He really should have learned from how Battlefield 5 went down like a cup of cold sick with the wider gaming audience. Attacking people for not liking shoehorned in diversity is pretty much How To Ensure Your Game Will Flop 101

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>Based retard

He had nothing to do with the story aspect of the last of us. Why is Yas Forums so low IQ?

They phased her out too

Yea, kinda. I think that's 'muh expectations' though, they clearly re-wrote the script to add those new characters. For no reason apparently.

They also made ellie uglier

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Why are the graphics from 2013 better?

Is this real?
Jesus christ that looks bad, like an actual effort to make it look bad. That can't be accidental.

He's pretty fucking awful but even this is surprising. He shits on a character and spits in the fans' eyes and you know Joel being white is the reason.

Yeah it's from the new leaks, Joel tells Tommy about what happens in the prologue I think then he plays guitar to Ellie

>"Wow, why does that matter?"
While of course the story is a lie, the notion of why doe it matter, could easily be applied to his bullshit as well.

Probably because the face actor they used doesn't look like that anymore so they got a new one lmao

incorrect, Ellie's face is an original design, it's not a face scan, ND actually resisted using facial software for the original game.

Nah, it's because Ellie and Joel have a father-daughter relationship and jews hate anything resembling a family.

How is his face so punchable

He also said he never intended to ever do a sequel either.

It makes sense to kill him off though, his character arc was over by the end of the last game, his character doesn't have anywhere to go.