Oh yeah, that happened

Oh yeah, that happened.

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Epic Exclusive.

What has happened since release? I haven't seen anyone talking about it ever since. Did the devs abandon it?

dlcs when? Pirated beta,thanks Mr. Sweney, and it was interesting but still felt a lot underdeveloped

Basically. The game had barely any sales. I think they might still be working on some stuff. But, it's pretty much been abandon ship at the studio.

Releasing a primarily multiplayer game as an EGS exclusive is suicide because Sweeney’s 500,000 guaranteed copies sold don’t actually put live players on your servers.

they had guaranteed money, could use them to improve it until Steam release

Phoenix point is primarily single player tho

But didn't they say the Epic money would make sure they could keep on going?

I just wanted this game to be good, fuck

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It's a sad reality I find myself in when Gears Tactics is giving me far more enjoyment than Pheonix Point ever did or could.

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ok but is the game any good


could you elaborate a bit

The shooting system was great, but the game just got too repetitive. Xcom introduced new enemies and weapons a lot faster.

You know how XCOM 2 is pretty buggy?

Times that by ten but with more critical gamebreaking shit, there's Phoenix Point.

they said that with the epic money that they could care less of what their backers thought because they don't need them anymore.

not the exact quote but that's what the basic gist was, don't expect any lasting supporting aside from the DLC they "promised".

Its gotten its first expansion and more is coming, ignore the valvetards.

Its objectively far better than Xcom 1 or 2 but because its A. Not Xcom and B. On Epic Yas Forums claims its shit.

Shooting mechanics are infinitely better, the game has no RNG to screw you over in fights, enemies are more interesting, diverse and evolve to your playstyle, and the campaign map is fantastic because it has other factions on it and actively changes as you play.

I got two completed campaigns out of it, it's fine, better then Nu Xcom 1 but doesn't have the replayablity of Nu Xcom 2 with war of the fallen.

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>the game has no RNG to screw you over in fights
Why do you lie? Shooting is a dice roll like always you just get the chance to help lessen it with aiming

>Its objectively far better than Xcom 1 or 2
>A broken fucking mess that gets treacle patches that break more than they fix because the game is built on fucking Unity

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what's wrong with unity

Forgotten already.

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It's made for tiny indie games and people with no money. TBT titles are notorious for having strange bugs even on the best of engines by good developers, you're exacerbating those problems a lot by using Unity.

Nobody cared to begin with.

I will agree with you on some points but XCOM 1 had a lot more customisation to connect you to the soldiers.

I mean, you'd have to be insane to buy an MP game on Epic.

Trevor left Cow Chop to make this shit.

It actually looks fun from what gameplay i've seen, but being on epic buried it pretty much.

Hello there Goloop shill