What's your favorite inventory screen

What's your favorite inventory screen

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Morrowind's with mods to make potions and scrolls more distinct.

Unrelated, but it was great when you transfer save from Witcher 1 to 2 and get to keep most of your item from your inventory at the end of Witcher 1.

you just posted it

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why did they make it so souless?

>we want skyrim audience

oldschool runescape

This game was fucking ass cancer to play. I don't even know why I bothered finishing it.

Why did consoleplebs killed inventories?

Fallout 3 pip-boy.

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it is cool yes, what annoys me is that how the absolutely broken swords you have in the endgame of the witcher 1 become almost immediately obsolete.

>that took what, like an hour

absolute AIDS

Wrath, home

Dead Space's UI is one of the best in vidya IMO

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the absolute state of warlock players

old runescape

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is neat, but I prefer Diablo 2's

I can't find a screenshot of it, but Disaster Report had a variation on inventory tetris where it's actually a 3d grid.
Not my favorite, but worht mentioning. I think they abandoned it for the sequels though.

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That objectively looks like crap

nah witcher console inventory etc was trash, pc had it better but still low tier. i played it on console and that shit was annoying af

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modded Diablo 2

everything sucks with a controller so what's your point

For me it's Morrowind

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witcher 2 was so fucking garbage

>inventory screen thread
>posts stats screen