Can someone explain to me like i'm a literal retard what the controversy is regarding FF7:R and what the official word...

Can someone explain to me like i'm a literal retard what the controversy is regarding FF7:R and what the official word is on how they're doing this whole thing. People are really sperging about nomura and all the criticisms seem really nebulous...

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There is no controversy, this board is just a swarm of locusts trying to come up with a fake controversy to fill their empty lives. Look how fast they moved on from ff7 remake to the last of us 2 leaks.

its not ff7

its Kh5,2

Its not a Remake as much as it is a Reimagining.
They didn't just remake Final Fantasy 7, they took that story and added a bunch of really dumb convoluted shit to it that a lot of people hate. Square never said anything about this pre-release either, so a lot of people went in expecting a faithful remake of Final Fantasy 7, especially considering its called Final Fantasy 7 Remake and thats what Square said it was

>game is called a remake
>it isn't a remake but rather a reboot
Worst part about it is that everyone knows that the story is the weakest point of KH. What gives him the audacity to think that he can replace Sakaguchi's story with his own shitty fanfiction tier bullshit? I was actually thinking about buying it after trying the demo until I saw what he did to the story.

I tried to reply to that "was final Sephiroth an illusion or clone" thread but it was already ded

He was neither and everyone who said he was was a shitposting retard who didn't get the story, Ultimania confirms it

>He was neither
>provides a link that says he was an illusion
Seriously wtf are you high on user?

illiterate retard

It's like watching The Hobbit without having ever read the book, but instead of the movie adaption playing normally, Smaug appears from the very beginning molesting Bilbo and trying to mess up the story, and the Dementors from Harry Potter also make random appearances because they're trying to keep the story the same. And at the end the One Ring breaks, retconning LOTR. That's the FF7 Remake.

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If you're going to draw parallels with the Hobbit why would make such a shitty one instead of
>Bloat the thing up to ten times the size it should be with filler
>Throw in ghosts (nazgul) and the final boss (Sauron) for the hell of it because why not
>Make retcons to connect it to the nonsense that came after when the original had no such things

>is labelled in the Ultimania book with a question mark
>It is also pointed out that in his final confrontation with Cloud at the edge of time, Sephiroth uses the pronoun “ore” in Japanese, as opposed to “watashi” in all other appearances in the game. In the original Final Fantasy VII, Sephiroth only used “ore” in the Nibelheim flashback before learning the truth about his birth
>this one isn't an illusion or clone since it acts like a Sephiroth that doesn't exist anymore
I'm not really following your logic user. All of the sephiroths are illusions or "clones", and the real sephiroth is buried under a mountain.

Some of Yas Forums criticisms are valid but those don't make FF7R literal garbage like Yas Forums make it out to be.

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>tolkien analogies

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>criticisms seem really nebulous

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Mine's a shitty hollywood movie analogy dumbass

They promised a remake and the game its only 1/5th of the orginal with different themes, story changes, less playable characters, fanfiction plot and lots of padding to turn 5 hours into 30, also bad textures.
The whole point of making it episodic was expanding midgar but it's not open world, you dont even see different sectors than in the original, they just turned five minute locations into two hour hallway dungeons.
Its an episodic sequel disguised as a remake, a fucking scam, plain and simple.

>Kitase says Aerith is better than Tifa and Tifa fans are losers

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who the fuck is Nonima.

no one cares bro

its a joke likening Nomura to Kojima

That's mistranslated, Kitase says that Aerith was supposed to be presented as the ideal choice that was taken away from Cloud with her death, and that people who chose Tifa to begin with are people who start off choosing the choice that is not the winner's one.

They basically make Cloud a faggot, he's all awkard and dismissive of females like Tifa, Jessie, and Aeris, but dances with the faggot at the Honeybee inn no problem. other than that its a great game.

People keep making this dumbass comparison because of the dunky video but games aren't movies or books.

A trash story doesn't wreck a video games like it does a book or movie. As a video game the FFVII remake is actually good. Much better than the desert wandering antics of FFXV.

Pros of FFVII remake:

10/10 waifus and some honestly poignant emotional scenes between the characters

Bloated story which purists may find offensive

And Nomura doesn't say that Tifa was a mistake, that's a mistranslation of "誤算" ("unanticipated", lit. "mistaken calculation"), he says that her popularity was UNANTICIPATED because they made the game with Aerith as the main heroine in mind, leading in to Kitase's comment.

>They promised a remake and the game its only 1/5th of the orginal with different themes, story changes
>you dont even see different sectors than in the original
This is a prime example of how Yas Forums just want to complain


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>how they're doing this whole thing
In the same way they've said for the past 5 years.

Honestly the characters are pretty correct and that matters the most. I'm not convinced that the whole whispers and destiny stuff wasn't some huge tongue-in-cheek, meta, 4th wall bullshit thrown in there for giggles. They even said in interviews that fans shouldn't expect massive divergence from the original storyline and locations. Hell is anything maybe they'll introduce yuffie and Vincent earlier so that they actual get developed and integrated into the story instead of being purely option side characters. I think it's totally possible for N earlier yuffie since they introduced Wutai pretty strongly by name dropping it constantly in the Shinra building and in Shinra propaganda. You meet her randomly in a patch of forest originally anyway.

Vincent is a bit harder to intro earlier without some heavy retcon

Is it really now officially linked with Final Fantasy X? I honestly believe FF or at least nomura has some grand plan pipe dream of drawing some convoluted canon where all the FF's are linked.

It's been confirmed since the X-2 Ultimania, western fans are just retarded.

「FINAL FANTASY X-2 ULTIMANIA Ω」の開発者インタビューで、「後に『星の研究』をするためカモメ団を脱退した後、異界の奥より画期的なエネルギー源である『魔晄エネルギー』を発見し、その後、アルベド族のリンの協力を受けて宇宙船を開発し、他の惑星へ旅立ってその星で神羅カンパニーを築いた。『ファイナルファンタジーVII』に登場する神羅カンパニーの始祖となった」という裏設定が存在することを明かしている。



It's a different planet from X's

It's not a remake, it's a different story. It's sort of like a middle finger towards the end of the game to people who wanted to have a similar story, with "but people know it already" as an excuse. What's more insulting is, it's called a Remake when it's not. Cocksuckers are now pretending that every videogame that came out up until now as a remake is a remaster.

>Kid Shinra from X-2 later conducts more "planet research" and discovers mako energy which comes from the farplane, and with the help of Rin and the Al-Bhed builds a spaceship, finds another planet, and founds Shinra Company there. President Shinra and Rufus are his descendants.

it's remake consistent with the Compilation, that's why OGfags are sperging

oh wow let me just read that. are you saying people who can't read japanese are retarded? bretty cringe bud.

FF7 Re alters the story on the part of the game it's adapting in small, but fairly crucial ways and a lot of people believe it's for the worse.

Personally, I haven't played the original but even to me the ending, after the highway chase, felt tacked on, though not to the point that I feel like it "ruins" what is a game I really loved.

Initially the problem was that they were doing it episodically and the first episode only covers the first 5 hours of the original game (albeit stretched out to 30 hours). After the game came out however it became apparent that they’re changing major plot elements, so while 90% of what happens on this game is identical to the original after the ending the plot is headed in a completely different direction, so people are mad that they were promised a remake when in reality they were getting a meta sequel which deviates drastically from the source material after episode 1.

>t. Doesnt know the definition of remake

Most people didn't want a remake for the gameplay or music. There have been countless better turn based RPGs out there mechanically speaking, and FF7 music has been rearranged a trillion times. They wanted the story to be expanded upon.

>first 5 hours
Midgard lasts more than 10.

Exactly how retarded do you have to be to make midgar stretch 10 hours? Midgar shouldnt take more than 7 on your first playthrough

There is two different Sephiroth. The one buried in the crater and one that asks for cloud’s help to defy destiny

People have known about this since the Ultimania was released but they spouted retarded bullshit about how it's "not canon" or "only in the script" just like they did with Reeve's Inspire.

I don't know what the stupid modern gaming community "controversy" is, but the real controversy is taking a fucking shitty storygame from 20+ years ago, remaking it because modern "gamers" cry over pixels in old games, and releasing a fucking fraction of said original "game" for full goddamn price.
Anyone who plays this pile of shit should be ashamed of themselves.

You don't seem to. You fuckers keep denying that any game could have ever been a remake other than FF7R. Is Trials of Mana a remaster now?

>Every other appearance by Sephiroth after this, starting from the point where he asks them to breach the wall of fate, is labelled in the Ultimania book with a question mark, suggesting that he is not a hallucination, illusion, recollection, or black-robed man.
>he is not a hallucination, illusion, recollection, or black-robed man.

WTF is this shit!? As if the ending wasn't dumb enough

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The literal definition of remake is "to make anew or differently"

Did Trials of Mana change anything or is it just upscaled graphics?
If the graphics changed, yes its by definition a remake
If its just an upscaled port, its a remaster

gr8 b8 m8