How do you feel about Super Mario Sunshine?

How do you feel about Super Mario Sunshine?

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Anyone who makes charts like this is always a huge retard. One who's likely below average but believes he's enlightened and is a classic example of the Dunning-Kruger effect on intelligence.

The way the high IQ bit is written confirms this for OP

>using bell curve graphics correctly
>on Yas Forums

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OP's sister here. Bully him one more time and I'll beat you up.

He's just using it as a roundabout way of saying

It wasn't a good fit for me when I first bought it as a kid. I probably could have figured out Galaxy or 64, though.

i dont know, charts are a high IQ hobby people have
it also has numbers too, which is also high IQ too.

Anyone who references Dunning Kruger in 2020 reveals themselves to be intellectually mediocre and unpleasant. Look up what Dunning Kruger actually said.

Loved it as a kid but on revisiting its not great.

I never said I was smart, but I do know when someone claiming to be smart is suffering from self-delusion due to not understanding how much they don't know.
Also I just wanted to shit on the OP for having wrong opinions. So there's that.

Last great Super Mario game. Galaxies sucked and Odyssey was nice but lacked any soul outside of the Dong City song..

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Its the best physics 3d Mario has ever had.

Lol this nigga had a PS2 as a kid

worst 3d Mario by far

Sunshine is just another proof that people who started with a Gamecube are fucking annoying.
Every games entry from the Gamecube is know to have the most autistic fanbase.
Case in point:
See Melee
>3D Marios
See SUnshine
>Luigis Mansion
See people who say only the first part was the good one
See Windwaker

Objectivly looking at Sunshine and later releases its obvious how flawed the game is on release in comparisson to the Galaxy series and Odyssey.

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Counterpoint, Gamecube has the best F-zero.

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I started with a SNES and I like all of the games you listed.


>Implying melee isn't the best
>Implying Sunshine isn't at least great
>Implying Luigi's Mansion 2 and 3 aren't pale imitations
>Implying Wind Waker's style hasn't aged gracefully
>Ignoring Pikmin
>Ignoring Metroid
>Ignoring F-Zero
>Ignoring Animal Crossing
This is a level of trip fagging I hadn't even thought possible

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Platformers are a brainlet genre
>dude i press le jump buttan make plumber man go wahoo!
Back to reddi-, no, back to 9gag with all of you.

Why do you force pepes into everything?

That image is older than you

Mario Sunshine is so much fun dude I love how it's a beach.

Do you go in thread discussing series like 3D Mario and sperging out how the Gamecube version was the best and everything else was trash and soulless?
Just like this guy here
Case in point i guess.

Because it's retarded. That's the point!

It was released 6 months after I was born, so I never got to play it, but I've heard that it's good.

What do you expect from uncreative idiots?

how and why is it anti-player wtf

I never had a Gamecube growing up, I had an N64 and a Wii and whatever onward, but never a Gamecube so I never got to play Sunshine, my only actual experience with it was playing it at my cousin's house as a kid without a memory card, so if I ever lost my lives or was told to turn off the console, I'd need to start the whole thing over

Around last year or the year before I got my GC controller working on PC and decided to emulate Sunshine and I really did not enjoy it.
Fludd was difficult to aim, I didn't really like the hover nozzle, there were parts of the game like the blooper riding and the sand bird that just weren't fun. Even the Fluddless, pure platforming sections didn't feel that great because controlling Mario felt less...tight? Like in Odyssey I feel like I have complete control over every action Mario takes, but in Sunshine it feels like I can control maybe 70% of Mario and the rest was just him being slippery. I also REALLY disliked a lot of the bosses, the Petey refight, the Bowser mech fight in the carnival, the Giant Wiggler fight, I didn't actually enjoy any of them.

I got to the boo hotel and kind of lost interest after the cool Manta Ray fight. It just felt like there were so many bad gimmicky stages built off a gimmick I wasn't 100% sold on that I just didn't feel like playing anymore. Definitely my least favorite 3D Mario, though I can get why someone would like it if they played it growing up, trying it after the bliss that was Odyssey's controls just makes it feel terrible in your hands.

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It was my first proper 3D Mario experience (I had played 64, but only at a friend's house) and I loved it. I still do, albeit with more awareness of its shortcomings. It makes me wish it had more time in development.

>one of the most bizarre, experimental and arguably anti player entries in the genre
I'm not sure how any of that applies to Sunshine. Can anyone please elaborate on this?

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Same for me.
Sunshine was compared to N64 a more barebones approach with one set tone that went through the entire game.
You could literally feel while playing it that they rushed this game and it wasnt finished because a huge part of it was collecting coins.

>sunshine remake
>they would brutalize it with bloom and lightning

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>prefer one entry of a game over another
>sperg out for all eternity for not liking the flavor of the year
welcome to the filter, fren

It's the last great Mario game. Holy fuck does jumping around in that game feel so fucking good. Some of those levels are actually hard. Just trying to get somewhere on a certain route for the sake of seeing if you can is really fun.

>It's the last great Mario game.
That would be SMG2.

The strange thing about the Melee boogyman is that nobody ever gives citation of its existence -- just assurance that it's very much real. Who said it, user? Some dipstick on a forum? Not a single Melee top player is elitist enough to not play any other Smash for fun.

There is a difefrence between:
>I prefer game x from this specific series