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White Castle Jelly Patties

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>Jelly Patties
Wait, people really make that?

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can smell it from here

I can kinda understand it, it must have a good sweet and savory mix to it.

Still sounds fucking disgusting though

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threads like this are why im glad i can cook for myself.

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The Styrofoam really makes this picture.

oooh baby

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this made me gag

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That’s fucking nasty

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I do this, but only cause I'm poor as shit.

Do people really? Cooking isn't hard

Nice chopping skills.

i ate shit like this on keto and lost 20lbs

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white rice and little bit of ketchup and some protein like eggs or sausages

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This is a cursed thread

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Sure you dont want a bit, user? It's good for you

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that unironically looks pretty fucking delicious. all the food is cooked and seasoned well

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peanut butter on burgers>jelly on burgers

I always wanted to try it since I was a kid. Now I know it's amazing, at least after smoking

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People think the sugar+savoury tastes bad, but there's nothin better than sugar+salt.

Oh sick I'll try that next time

what the fuck

This is some Heston Blumenthal level shit.

It works with ham or Turkey, but only those two

Is this a dare and the guy is going to eat everything off his gun?

It's just how /k/ eats.

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Hell yeah

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If you like toast, try honey+promite or honey+vegemite. Or whatever mite you got on hand. Just spread sparingly.

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Man i wish we had white castle here

I like blueberry cobbler with milk poured over it

It really is just basic shit. Meat and a bit of onion on a fresh bun.

It's got electrolytes

I live in the city white castle, and a few other fast food chains, originated, but haVE TO DRIVE 4 HOURS TO GET TO THE NEAREST WHITE CASTLE

So if that stuff is jelly, what do you call the wobbly desert often served with ice cream? Also is there a food in america still called jam?

only if someone starts posting jack

I would. I know i would shit my self for days but it would be worth it

Yeah but its cheap and you get a lot of them. It sorta has a psychological fulfillment when you get a bag of burgers.

Is it any good though? After watching the H&K movies I’ve always wanted to try one but OPs pic looks legit disgusting. Even compared to a McDonald’s

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>Kid cuisine
You can't make this shit up