What are some Vidya annoying childhood Friend for zoomers

what are some Vidya annoying childhood Friend for zoomers

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Zoomers don’t have friends they have only Trannys that groom them on discord

>having friends

pfft loser

>sleep over kids house
>he tells me not to close the door
>close it anyway
>starts spazzing out punching shit
>realized we're locked in
>theres a fucking hole in the he could reach through to unlock the door
>his druggie mom probably locked him in for song time to make that hole
>we play Mario Paint
>he disappears at like 7pm
>hour goes by with me and his kid brother
>ask where he went
>to sleep in his moms room
>just leave as his mom and her bf are drinking and laughing at me


>locked him in for song time

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>Play fighting game
>Beat friend
>Starts getting pissy about losing
>Let's change game
>Play co op
>Gets pissy cause he keeps dying
>How bout a movie
>Can't enjoy it cause still pissy from before
If he ever wonder why I stop coming over, should of hear me out when I called him a little bitch. Still single and living with his parents at 30

>borrow something from friends
>give it back immediately next time so they trust me
>slowly build trust then yoink all their favourite games before moving

>Do this, move a state away
>Get knock on my door, a month later
>Father of kid
>Have to return the games I borrowed

>neighbor told me you could unlock sonic and tails in melee if you could beat the game solo on the hardest difficulty 3 times in a row.
>I could never do it as a kid
Same neighbor told you could unlock mew by getting it to show up 3 times in a match in a row
She was cute.she also impulsively flashed me while we were jumping on her trampoline

>Mom said I could
>I get to go first!
>My turn!!!
>I'm the guest so I'm always right!!
>Stealing games and playing dumb when caught redhanded
>Breaks your controller and blames it on you
What else could be added to the "that kid" list.

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Based Dad

chances are she was molested, either way she did all that crap for attention

>move to another country
>get a knock on the door a month later

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Long time. The hole was in the wall

Is this an argument over who comes first?

o-ohh. well shit I hope not. I remember her being a cute kid. maybe I'll stop by that house one day.
were people playing as master hand through mods or am I thinking of 64 or was that not a thing?

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>tiny as fuck gif
>is 3.46mb

There's a bitcoin miner in there, don't open.

>Playing smash at my friends house, as a joke make my name "N1gr0".
>A few days later hes playing smash with his mom and nephew and they see the name list with my addition in it.
I felt bad about it but it is still pretty funny.

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No the kid always wants to go first so he uses both reasons depending on where he is


This, anyone wanna join my 'cord that's how the kids are saying it.

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>annoying childhood friend for zoomers
not really a childhood friend but it's best friend's childhood friend who he tried to bring him into our friend group a year ago. Let's best friend's childhood friend 'Bob'.
So there's Me, Best Friend, and Bob
>play online game with a lot to do in it
>have to do what Bob wants otherwise he'll get cunty and not play
>shit bob wants to do is usually boring as fuck
>like hour long anti-fun grinds so bob can get a shitty cosmetics nobody but him wants
>I'm fine with bob leaving but best friend isn't
>'it's ok user after this we'll do what you wanna later'
>do stuff anyway because I wanna hang out with best bro
>best friend try to enjoy ourselves by talking because that's what you do in a 3 man
>by the time we're done everyone's tired or wants to take a long break because were doing shit for more than an hour
>'it's ok user we'll do what you want tomorrow'
>anytime we do what best friend or I wants he'll mute himself and watch youtube on his own half the time anyway
>back and forth for months
>steam brings out that swanky neat remote play together thing
>try it out with best bro in a couple party games
>hey this is awesome
>bob comes online and joins voice
>'wtf are you guys doing?'
>send him an invite
>'I don't know what this is so I'm not joining'
>explain what remote play is
>he likes the idea and we invite him to the party game
>bob doesn't want to play this game
>well alright bob what do you want to play instead?
>bob launches some xbox port from 2002 we've never heard of
>sends us invites
>game's singleplayer until half an hour in at which point it's only 2 player
>when there's 3 of us wanting to do shit
>bob insists the game's good but is boring as fuck
>never tried remote play with him again

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fpbp lock the thread


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>bob hadn't played Left 4 Dead and wants to understand the story
>aw hell yeah finally bob wants to play a game that isn't shit
>start playing
>have fun playing no mercy
>best friend and I are bouncing jokes off eachother
>bob jokes every now and then
>having a good time
>by dead air bob is mostly silent just trying to finish each campaign
>best friend and I know what he's doing
>he's going to try to use Left 4 Dead as 'blackmail' on us later
>dude's gonna go 'but I played through all of Left 4 Dead with you guys so you HAVE to play my game now' after we finish all the campaigns
>we just fucking know it
>bob doesn't wanna install any modded campaigns at all
>but he wanted to play and understand the story so surely he would want to install the cut "Dam It" campaign
>bring up installing the Dam It mod when it becomes appropriate to when it starts
>bob IMMEDIATELY throws a shitfit for half an hour
>ends up muting me for a week
>wasn't even mad, I liked getting away from him
>play through dam it, the rest of the vanilla cmapaigns and a few modded campaigns with best friend and some randoms instead
>have a great time
>bob unmutes me at the end of the week
>wants to play l4d but makes it real cunty yelling at me saying he doesn;t wanna play with mods
>tell him best friend and I already did
>dude keeps raging
He's caught onto me justnot liking him, he's tried a couple times to 'sweeten me up' by buying games he's seen us play like Deep Rock Galactic and Borderlands 2. Issue is I genuinely do not want to play those games with him for fear of him ruining the game us. He's already ruined Half-Life with Synergy/Sven, Halo and Warframe.
Lately best friend and I have been fun playing Fallout 76, Bob has been leaving both of us messages every day being mad we're having fun in other games instead of helping him grind in mmos.
If you're reading this bob, fuck you dude. best friend if you're also reading this you know neither of us like bob.

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>not cutting ties as soon as you realize personalities aren't going to mix and you're not enjoying your time off
bad decisions make for good stories, but I'd recommend having an honest discussion with your friend about cutting bob. To quote reggie, if it's not fun, why bother?

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>got into an argument with a kid in second grade
>goes around and tells everyone that I shit-talked them (I didn't)
>nobody except a few people wanted to hang out with me and if it wasn't for my best friend asking me why I bad-mouthed them I wouldn't have even known
>nobody visited except on birthdays when I invited classmates
>visited nobody
>but at least could talk about vidya a little with two friends and hanged around with my best friend who was also ostracized

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