Here's your protagonist bro

Here's your protagonist bro

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Senator Armstrong!

This shit reminds me of Wesley Snipes not wanting to open his eyes.

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>le senator meme

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Your protagonist...I'm not getting this shit. Ew.

More like a BROtagonist!

I can't wait till this game releases so I can go about not purchasing it.

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If I had to buy this game to shit on the disc or never shit again in my life, I'd be happily constipated.

That fucking upper lip is wack

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Brilliant! Who did this?

sleep tight abbyki


Fucking lol

Fucking kek it looks like pyrocynical

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is that Blade Trinity?

In a post-apocalyptic setting, does it want dick or bagina?

Good work

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Abby's so fucking cute and sweet. I'd treat her to some fancy restaurant, than take a romantic walk with her, holding hands and talking about philosophy, art and dreams. Then I'd invite her to my home and ravage her hot ass for hours, and forcing my cock up her throat so she chocked on both the throbbing cock and her own rectal juice. Then I'd proceed to cum on her cute innocent face. Then, as the ultimate love gift, I'd carry her in my arms to the tub and let my piss wash away the semen and last dignity from her. I'd whisper "I love you" and give her a tender smile, and cut her throat from ear to ear with a knife. Covered in her own warm blood, she'd look straight into my very soul, forgiving, understanding. A bubble from blood and saliva would burst between her lips, then she'd die. After some additional lovemaking, I'd stuff her into a bin bag. Three weeks later, some playing children will find her mutilated and desecrated body in the forest.

They will be scarred for life.

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wow she looks just like me!

>She just wouldn't.


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Wake up mister Morton, you have let's plays to record.

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Be honest, if Abby was super hot and cute, cried when she kills Joel with a gun instead of a golf club, would you like her more?

No, I actually like Abby for the memes, meanwhile Nadine was fucking boring

Even without the "super cute" part, yes, because it would at least show some hint of humanity.

i like her, joel deserve it

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>that prolonged zoom on her crying face
Man, Druckman really does love jerking off to people being miserable, huh?

My sides

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This isn't rocket science. It's easier to relate to a cute/cool/attractive character than with la creatura. It's as if Naughty Dog went out of their way to make the players hate Abby. I really want to know what they thought the reaction to her was going to be.

Why do people want to spend money to play and watch this?

Rent free

>would you react differently if the situation was different?

I'm pretty sure americans and bongs can relate to this face already in their early 20s, so what's the issue?

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