DRM rehab thread

I have over 500 hundred steam games now. How would I even switch to GOG at this point? I feel too far gone.

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just use both, I own many games on Xbox and PC
just get the best deals you can

Hope that your games become available through GOG Connect, I got a few, but ultimately you just need to keep it up and not buy Steam.

I have more Steam games than you but I haven't used Steam in years, because it's shit, and I support DRM free titles.

What's with people having weird psychological connections to a game platform? You can get a new game on gog regardless of how many steam games you have lol

Start by linking your accounts and keeping an eye on the GoG connect page. If you have a connection to the features on Steam like achievements and tracking time played then use the Galaxy client. Galaxy in general is a pretty good multi service launcher and you can unlock GoG achievements in games you have on both services by launching the Steam version through Galaxy.

you can play both your steam and gog games from gog galaxy 2.0 launcher

>CDPR doesn't even offer their witcher games to be transfered
This connect thing is fucking useless.

Devs prioritize the steam version. Just stick to that for newer stuff.

would you buy a game full price from your favorite platform if it is on sale on another one?

I've been burned enough times by feature / version disparities on gog that I would wait for a steam sale if it was a game that still got regular updates. Other than that, no.

>buy most of the games on Steam
>buy old retro games with compatibility fixes on GOG and import them to Steam library
This is the only way how Chad gamers operate.

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Just buy it? What's the problem? Steam is a trash platform that's only good for playing games anyway. This is hardly a Windows vs Mac or Android vs iOS thing.

you can link gog with steam tough

>I have over 500 hundred steam games now.
Holy fuck, what a retard. Once Steam shuts down, say goodbye to your games.

Install GOG Galaxy 2.0, sync your Steam account to it, now start gaming from GOG Galaxy 2.0.
You can still do that, just use Steam CD-key.

You don't. You go from steam to pirate instead.

poor niggers pls go

>being this poor
Fuck off.

It won't let me though.

Brand loyalty simps BTFO. Do you guys actually buy games from the tranny devs? Gaming is not good anymore and dead, might as well pirate whatever the fuck you wanna try out before realize its shit and you wasted your money to some no name dev with gender identity issues.

>DRM free
I play DRM free games on steam, what makes the GOG client so special

Keep coping, poor nigger. GOG is based and DRM free with a lot of god tier developers.

Unironically top 3 of your shitty pirate release scenes are actual trannies on HRT and a pedo on probation. Do your research before trying to justify being a lazy nigger who can't get a job.

I'd rather give my money to a company that provides a huge library of DRM-free games including old classics with fixes to run on modern hardware, then let some degenerate in programming socks mine bitcoins off my PC so I can play games for free.

you dont switch you use both. gog is for the few games we get a year that go drm free on launch or near after launch and the once a blue moon kickstarter game that isn't shit.

Thing about GOG is that there's a surprising amount of shady shit on there.
Games that require calling home every time you open them, unique per-player CD keys for multiplayer, just straight up re-selling completely unaudited nocd cracks and selling outdated versions of old games that don't actually work on modern hardware but which you also can't install on old computers because the installer require newer Windows.

Wrong way dude. You put your Steam games into Galaxy.

Like clockwork

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Are you actually retarded or just a shill?

I bet he doesn't even know about GoG Galaxy 2.0

But how will I gain respect from my chad gamer kin if they don't get notifications and can't see me playing all these oldschool classics through friendlist?

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>no gog store cards
Not interested. Got fucked by banks and credit companies my whole life and I refuse to deal with them. Can't even use prepaid CCs because they don't work with foreign companies.

First two are Defcon, third is UT2004 and last is Rainbow Six

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I get an autistic satisfaction from doing things like collecting achievements in Steam games, and having my hours tracked somewhere where I can compare it with hours for other titles
it feels weird because I know I'd be doing the right thing by buying Cyberpunk from gog but I want those other little things too
if someone can figure out a way to combat addiction to achievements and shit I'd happily break away from it

How? I bought W3 on GOG, but I buy W1 and W2 on Steam and just use CDkey to unlock them on GOG.

>Steam is a trash platform

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that's a pretty retarded reason my guy
I've used PayPal for all of my Steam purchases and have had no problems, what country do you live in?

>Once Steam shuts down

Yeah Valve is on the verge of bankruptcy and Steam will shut down in like a year or so. Fucking retard.

It will eventually, but not in the near future.

Just hope Steam isn't bought off by chinks.

The best case scenario is that GOG buys off Steam and makes everything DRM-free.

It tells me my witcher 1+2 CD keys are invalid.
Maybe they are too old or it's a regional thing.

That's strange, I just did it very recently.

Say goodbye to all your physical games once your house burns down.

I dunno if I should tell you this, but one very trick about GOG is that you can use a VPN and get all of the games in much cheaper prices.

My day became so much better when I found out that Terraria was not only on GOG, but full support was being brought to it. So if something should happen to steam, my favorite game will be untainted. Even if I have to buy it again, it's only 10 dollars.

Just use both

You stop being a fucking beta and realize no one cares and you will never be a chad gamer as long as you're playing games only for the approval of others.

>Once Steam shuts down
Holy fuck you actually are a braindead nigger. How do you even use a computer to type this?

Even if we consider the 0,000000000001% possibility of Valve running out of business, by the time it happens I will either die or grow out of playing video games. Literally everything you buy and spend your money on has a lifespan, even the house you live in will crumble in 100 years.

GOG has quite a big libary nowadays, almost all the worthwhile games on Steam are on GOG.

Just use PayPal retard.

>GOG buys off Steam
They have the money, for sure.

It's not only DRM but how annoying forced Steam updates and DRM are when you use mods that made ditch this launcher bullshit and just pirate or buy on GoG, not counting multiplayer games.

Nigger what? How is that a problem?

You will find the same shady shit on Steam or worse, some games not working at all, like Gothic 2.

Microsoft will shut down in 2 month, say goodbuy to your computer, your internet and your mom. All is over.