Why are you still using Steam? Are you racist?

Why are you still using Steam? Are you racist?

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WTF, I love Steam now?!

Now only if Yas Forums would get deleted.

>Are you racist?

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The ADL is such a fucking joke.


This are the jews poltards unironically talk about their word should be taken with no more seriousness than you would a baiting shitpost here.

Israeli propaganda doesn't belong on this wholesome board dedicated to Japanese culture.

Based Steam. Gonna buy some more games. Thanks for the recommendation.

You mean they promote talking to other humans uncensored? Do they know Reddit, Discord and public parks also allow this kind of discussion?
People who think all discussion should be censored should be kept on an island with its own separate Internet.

So do news outlets just accuse everyone of being racist at this point?

A total of 200 wrongthinkers? Out of 90 million users? That's terrible!

Why are you still a part of the human race? are you a racist now?

kys Jonathan

We're all racist, some people are just more honest about it than others

>adl targets steam
Are they trying to start a holocaust? Are they the nazis?

I am, but what does steam have to do with it?

Well, if the ADL had their way, public parks probably had shooting squads roaming them 24/7 to weed out wrong think

I don't know what this word means anymore. Am I being attacked politically over nothing?

Everyone who doesn't fall in line with them, yes.
Then again, the ADL is a joke anyway. Looking trough their shit I simply believe that they make most of that crap up.

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They need to, that's how they get paid. If there's nothing left to call racist, they're out of the job. Simple as that

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they are a hate group, just linking them means your a supremacist

>News Outlets
>The Anti-Defamation League, formerly known as the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, is an international Jewish non-governmental organization based in the United States.

Typical bluepilled normy. Doesn't even the power of intimidation adl has its disposal. They cucked Iceland into not banning infant mutilation.

>white supremacists

not wanting to end up like the Palestinians is supremacy now

These people aren't liberals. Liberalism is their enemy.

why do yuros allow such a neurotic race to control them? Such an organization should be banned.



Wait, isn't the ADL that radical Jewish supremacist organisation?? Sorry, I don't listen to extremists.

I will now buy your game

>Anti-Defamation League
>Exists exclusively to defame people and organizations

do human beings take the ADL seriously?

Also, this is some real glow in the dark 'reasoning'

Fuck I hate americans

Yeah if thats real ADL gone fucked up big time. They about to feel the force of Gabe Lawyers. Are they actually fucking retarded?

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they’ve been doing that now for nearly a whole decade, it worked up until Cheeto Benito got elected and people realized that news are just partisan public relations agencies and they stopped caring. Institutions like the ADL literally created a Streisand effect by calling everyone racist

get off steam, fucking zoomers

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>Also, this is some real glow in the dark 'reasoning'
You wouldn't?

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Great piece of propaganda work, that picture
Resembles microscope imaging of infectious organisms like COVID-19, so the reader is subliminally suggested to link the idea of 'infectious disease' with the subject matter at hand ('white supremacy').
Subtle and simple, but effective.

>taking action against ADL
Why are you so retarted user ?

pepe, no!

It's real.

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Holy fuck. I need to build a new rig to play Alyx if this is the case.

i should really take up domestic terrorism

I dont want to live in this world anymore


You seem to be. You think Steam will stand for that fuck of nonce.

>sample size is 200
>no indication if they are all part of the same Steam Group
>tries to make their study look bigger by including the number of cumulative friends they have
Not sure if clickbait

>lawyers after the adl
jews don't go after fellow jews

>0.000009% (rounded up) of this service is white supremacist

Just know what words not to use.

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Please please Yas Forums ignore the ADL, they're a worthless gang of racehustlers who only make worthless charts like this one and then try to force big companies like Valve to bend to their bullshit and donate them money.

Just fucking ignore them, you can not win any PR battle against them.

>anti-defamation league
>entire function is to defame people

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non ironically i wasn't racist growing up but i think i am now.

Holy shit I lost

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Viewership is no longer necessary for funding since obama made propaganda legal

Based and truthpilled

I wouldn't use that number if I were you.

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there was a civil war at the adl after the park51 mosque opposition that resulted in a leadership change that coincides with the promulgation of woke capital/allyship/"""anti-bullying""" faggotry.

People get banned from community all the time for Hitler shit in their profile.

Hahaha. Seriously I can't even with these normies. How the hell do you think they have been existing for about a hundred years now pulling this kind of shit. This is nothing new.

im sorry what, i'm on Yas Forums all the time and i've never seen this.


reminder that the ADL was formed in order to protect a convicted child rapist and murderer simply because he was jewish

they are an actual terrorist organization and this article is an example of their social terrorism in action

Reminder that the ADL was born to protect a jew pedophile and rapist, and suspected killer, Leo Frank



Of course you haven't. ADL doesn't do research into actual defamatory stuff, because that would take effort. It's far easier to just make shit up.

in other news: 200 people marched in a city with hate speech signs and then talked to more people after the march is over. time to ban public gatherings too and pre screen people buying poasterboard and sharpies because they're tools for communicating rhetoric.

It was literally created to defame an innocent black man, to blaming a crime a jewish pedophile did on him.

>tfw there was a time where you could spray porn / nazi shit / gore / etc. on valve games

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More like the anti defamation league of bada bing

>tfw broadly liberal views
>end up being on the same side as these retards
Time to get a buzzcut I suppose

Because you are doing nothing wrong but being told you are.

they use anti-bullying campaigning to organize public school children for their own political interests. they are a little worse than a joke tbqh.

ADL makes shit up constantly

anyways actual worldwide white population is between 10 and 15%, probably closest to the middle of that.

>200 users out of a billion

Yas Forums be like: write that down write that down !!

>Steam used by neo-nazis
>PSN used by ISIS
>Xbox Live used by foreign dictators
Shit, which one do I use?

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