Can you recommend me a game where I get to play as a character like Joel or Arthur?

Can you recommend me a game where I get to play as a character like Joel or Arthur?
Basically as long as it's a guy who I can sympathize with despite being flawed.

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YIIK was the best jrpg of the last decade, it completely BTFO anything made in the west

Remember it doesn't matter how many people he brutally murders, so long as he makes a sullen face and plays a guitar he's a "good man"

God of War 2018

now i think about it geralt didnt have any flaws

You're thinking with contemporary morality when that's gone out the window in this universe. Normal people are shown to be a bigger threat than the infected time and again right from the start.

Each and every one of them either deserved it, or he had to do it to survive.
Tell me user. If someone approached you with deadly intentions. Wouldn't you want to save you and your adopted daughter, by killing that person?

Uncharted's Nathan Drake
Black Flag's Edward Kenway
Assassin's Creed's Ezio

The adopted daughter he chose over a cure, yeah. Why did they even need to kill her to begin with , other than to give Joel a reason to kill the doctors. God this story was so fucking stupid, yet still up it's own ass.

Why are ubisoft unable to make a characters like them again?

It's a successful character archetype for a reason. Morally pure characters are very common and get boring after a while.

If I had to choose between the life of the only human being I care about and the lives of the rest of a world that is clearly not worth saving and I don't give a damn about, I'd definitely pick the former.

The Walking Dead Season 1
Lee Everett is basically Joel, except he's not a dad and he killed a senator that cucked him in front of his face
The basest nig to ever exist, right next to Louis and Coach of L4D

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>caring about a roastie
lul simp

Spec Ops: The Line
The Saboteur
Watch Dogs 1
Sleeping Dogs
Far Cry 3 and 4
Dead Space
Castlevania Lords of Shadow
Dying Light

>caring about a girl
virgin spotted

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>Watch Dogs 1
wasnt that game extremely bad

The story was shit and there were bugs, but some of the gameplay was really enjoyable. It could have been one of the greats if it wasn't a fucking Ubishit game.

witcher 1-3

Uhhh yikes. You want to play as a white male who isn't perfect in every way and does bad things? Yeah I have a game, its called Wolfenstein, go play hitler in that.

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Yes it's been done thousands of times in better fiction by actual good writers.

>contemporary mortality
Morality hasn't changed. It's just a universe where it's tested more than ours usually is. Protect your family vs the greater good is something that can very easily be seen in present reality.

I said "person I care about", not specifically a lesbo jailbait. It could be my mother, my brother, my best friend, my son, my girfriend... just that if I was forced into such a situation the world could burn for what I care.

The only thing any Yas Forumsirgin can relate to in geralt is his disgusting appearance in 1.

As opposed to a roided dyke who is as far from perfect as possible and does absolutely disgusting things? Yeah, any time. TLOU2 won't cut it for my tastes I'm afraid.

And people still can't get tired of it. It's a tried-and-true formula, no need for unsolicited SJW/Feminist/tranny/faggot shit to get involved.

I can't sympathize with Joel. He damned the rest of humanity over one girl. After playing through TLoU, I believe it is one of the most overrated games of all time. People laud it for it's storytelling and I can't figure out why. It's post apocalypse generic zombie story #527 and the main character is dumb as a stump.

there's a missable audio log in part 1 saying that the fireflies had already killed 20 kids with no result. there never was a cure.


And were those kids immune?

yes, that should be fucking obvious lmao. why else would they kill them?