Uh... excuse me, sir?

Uh... excuse me, sir?

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How will they handle this scene in the Remake?


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Please crush my balls, Femesis

Little rough, don’t you think?

Thanks, I hate it.



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>"Hey! Fuckin' excuse me buddy!"
>Man turns around to address Leon, with the camera making sure to close in the facial features, but failing to leave out the fireplace in the background that's using a flat texture for the fireplace
>Leon does a backflip while firing his handgun with perfect precision into the man's skull, revealing the parasite within
>"Huh, this rminds me of back then..."
>Insert flashback to a scene ripped directly from RE2make


enjoy fellas

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I just don't wanna get STAra Ara~'d, okay?


Stop with the autistic cursing nitpicking

Fuckin' excuse me shouldn't be as funny as it is.
I can't wait for the fuckin' president to equip his fuckin' daughter with fucking ballistics.
No fuckin' way, fag!

Leon was breaking and entering. The resident was standing his ground.

be straight with me Yas Forums
is this male to female, or female to male

its beautiful, user. it takes me back to the simpler times.

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Those were the times

Do Make My Day laws extend to sorta Spain?

here you go

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Wouldnt leon first have to attack him for this to work?
But i kinda agree, what right does he have to come inside his house

What happpened? Like seriously what the fuck happened
I watch this and I feel like shit because I am reminded how shit things are now

good times

a little rough don't you think

Resident is not a human, while Leon did enter the building without permission, this law was only made for humans (for now).
If I were to get rid of a bird's nest the bird would have no grounds taking me to court and suing me over damaged property.

It's male to male, its biologically impossible to alter your gender once your sex organs form in the womb. It does not matter how many chemicals you drain from or inject into your body or how much of your body is removed augmented or added on to. You cant hustle Sandalphon.

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That killed me, it's so dumb yet hilarious.

You know when they remake games they usually make the women look uglier, but how are they going to make this mug any more ugly?

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right but to the question.
is it a female pretending to be male, or a male pretending to be female
i genuinely don't know what it is

Even bigger ears, like Ben stiller will be put to shame.

A Male pretending to be female poorly.

That was a lot better than I thought it'd be.

>goes to a spanish village
>immediately tries to talk in english to the villagers
Nice job, Leon S.(S stands for Scott, not spanish you fucking spic)Kennedy

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apparently there's a glitch that causes Leon to shift to the left every time he swings his knife

Here's your CY bro

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