Was it really designed to be a Quake-clone for low-skills?

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yeah, and it ended up being the better game

ended up requiring more skill anyway.

it's just a fan made mod to half life you are looking too much into it

the idea was to make a hyper realistic round based shooter.

It's better than quake

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Yeah. It was the FPS genre's Dota.

different skills, thats why some quake players did terrible at cs and some were amazing, you need both the aim and the brains


Whaf kind of Quake is Arma?

it's designed as a slightly more realistic half-life opfor plus real life weapons with hostage rescue gamemode

that would be a realistic wolfendoom

cs would be perfect if it had a rocket launcher
if you deny this you're wrong & that's ok

CS requires small lateral movements to click heads. Quake, with the railgun, requires fast multi-directional movements to hit opponents above or below you.

can't wait till they add an rpg-7 to csgo

Resident Evil 7 is my favourite Quake clone.

Quake and Dooms are boring.
If i would want to fight demons, i would just burn down some churches.

fuck off varg

clicking bodies is way easier than clicking heads, there are no headshots in quake
also there are other factors to consider aside from head-to-head deathmatch

one is a 1v1 game (ctf and ca is for fags) and the other is a 5v5 game, they each have their own niche.

Every 3d game made after Quake could be called a 'Quake clone', because they all use the same engine.
Even HL:A.
We've been playing, essentially, the same game for almost 30 years.

I should have said I think CS aiming is way harder than Quake aiming.

That said in Quake there are many opportunities for very tricky shots, and additionally it requires a different type of aiming (extreme 360 degree aiming), rather than again CS's more precise minute aiming.

my main issue with cs go is spray patterns, aka aiming down because your bullets are going up.
That's really stupid.

except for unreal engine?

Well, even original UT couldn't be made if it wasn't for Quake.
It's like saying BMW is different from Merecedes.
It is, but they are basically the same car.

I mean if you're saying that an engine exists because another one does, we could go back to the very first video game engine.

pretty sure 3d rendering tech were invented in univ and big companies (for fields like medic) and have nothing to do with quake.

>5v5 instead of duel
>Hostage and bomb defusal
>not even remotely similar movement
Are you retarded, user?

The thing is that Quake made it lightweight enough to work pretty well in real time.

No, I'm saying one exists because of direct influence from the other. Quake was the first full 3d fps simulation, and the problems and solutions they made enabled UT to be made.
Not my point.
Point is that they (ID) made Quake to be like a 3d dev sandbox that could be modified into any other game that has the same basic functions.

Cs was to quake, what rainbow siege is to cs

CS was more of evolution to Team Fortress than Quake
>b-b-but TF was a mod for Quake, therefore it's just another Quake clone
That's like saying renaissance was inspired by caveman scribes, because they were before classical age.

Quake wasn't even the first 3d game and as far as i know, its source code wasn't made public and wasn't used by games like Mario 64.
You would have had 3d games Quake or not.
Sure it was an important step in the history of gaming but let's not pretned that they invented the car.

>Quake wasn't even the first 3d game
It was the first 3d engine easy enough to develop games for it quickly and with good quality.
Of course it wasn't the first and many games had 3d before.
I'll make it so you zoomer faggots can understand: Quake is Android, Unreal is iOS.
Every other company just uses their tech to sell their version of that same tech.