Why are there no Japanese games set IN Japan?

Why are there no Japanese games set IN Japan?

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Whats japan

For the same reason why there are no American games set in America.

Persona 3-5

>What is GTA

Just because a game has a placed called Tokyo or Shibuya doesns't mean it's really set in Japan.

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Isn't Yakuza set in a realistic Japan?

Every VN ever
5000 Oda Nobunaga games
Akiba's Trip

Off the top of my head

That's like the only one desu.

Yes this is actually true. Tokyo is not representative of Japan at all.

NieR and NieR: Automata

The locations in persona 5 are actual fucking places and landmarks you dumb nigger

GTA is a British game
And there a absolute metric fucktons of Japanese games set in Japan, what the fuck are you smoking?

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>Just because a game has a placed called Tokyo or Shibuya doesns't mean it's really set in Japan.

Oh shit, you're right. You know, it's hard to sometimes play a Japanese game, set in a Japanese environment, filled with Japanese culture, with Japanese people that have Japanese names, whilst having a Japanese dub, and not think that it could be in America. Silly me.

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animal crossing

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Marvel movies have cities like New York but it's not in America.

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*set in Japanese countryside.

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Care to explain your logic?

>Just because a game has a placed called Tokyo or Shibuya doesns't mean it's really set in Japan.

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Oboro Muramasa
Any game with samurai & ninja in their normal setting...

On second though, don't. I know you're just gonna say some dumbass shit like "heehee it's actually filmed in a studio, therefore it's set in a studio!"

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okami. world map in that game is literally called nippon

Even though some of the famous "places" are similar/same names doesn't mean it's the same place. Like if Brianiac stole Tokyo and put it on his planet does his planet become Japan?

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who would want to play a game set in japan?

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Thanks for the help everyone! Knew if I posted asking for some Japanese developed games set in Japan nobody would respond, so I’m glad you guys were all so eager to “correct” me :^)

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Yakuza 0
Yakuza 1
Yakuza 2
Yakuza 3
Yakuza 4
Yakuza 5
Yakuza 6
Yakuza 7
Yakuza Kiwami 1
Yakuza Kiwami 2

> Japans favorite franchises based on # of fan art
> 1.2 Million - Touhou
> 870k - Fate
> 780k - Kancolle
> 434k - Idolmaster
> 292k - Pokemon
> 252k - PreCure
> 242k - Vocaloid
> 182k - FF
> 167k - DQ
> 164k - Gundam
> 162k - Naruto
> 156k - Evangelion
> 147k - Sailor Moon
> 140k - Love Live
> 128k - Lyrical Nanoha
> 122k - Madoka Magica
> 122k - One Piece
> 107k - Street Fighter
> 106k - Grandblue Fantasy
> 102k - Hetalia Axis
> 100k - To Love Ru
> 98k - Azur Lane
> 97k - Girls Und Panzer
> 95k - Fire Emblem
> 93k - Dead or Alive

Digimon Cyber Sleuth is modeled after Nakano Broadway

>Game set on Earth
>With our continents and an island called Japan off the coast of Asia
>With Japanese speakers and culture and the same town and city names

>Its not Japan bro!

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>inb4 W-well in our world we don't have superpowers and stuff so its not really earth

I want a Non Non Biyori open world game

Same with GTA, Los Santos, Vice City, Liberty City are not real places in america therefore it is not american.

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I will admit, your methods are very intelligent

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just because a game has the same location name doesn't mean it takes place in Japan

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I taught English in Japanese high school. AMA.

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I've literally just started Persona 5 today for the first time, guess where it takes place fuck face

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Yes and all the time.

Because Japanese society is a soulless hell?

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They still wear those uniforms on the left?

You see them but they're rare around these parts.

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How much did you get paid a month? I worked in a high school in China for a year, and I've visited Japan for trips, but I heard that compared to China the wages are dogshit and the cost of living is too high. Also personally, I can't really tell the difference between living in a big city in China and a big city in Japan, except China is cheaper, and also Chinese food is more delicious (you can get Japanese food very easily in China anyway, for a fraction of the cost of Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka).

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