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What's your opinion of Patty? I thought Yas Forums would be all over a coffee colored girl in Venus Vacation

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I don't like how un-Tina-like she is.

We had back to back threads that hit the bump limit easily for her debut. Also, she's only for whales for the next 3 months or so.

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Poor man's Lisa.

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The feetgame is pretty off the charts here, damn

shit roasty feeling threatened

I love Kasumi!

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Can't wait til she comes out on Steam.

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>be weeb
>be same as bird that is so stupid it thought a cardboard anime girl was another bird and life mated with it

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My favorite addition since Honkers


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I made that from the youtube trailer. Here's an improved version from the official video file.

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Grape-kun was pure, delete this

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Her complexion does work well with some suits

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And 1080p as well.

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She's hot but the game isn't

We're not getting her or Fiona on steam until after the Kung Flu passes, are we?

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I want to impregnate her and raise a family.

Why do you say that? Even though they reran the first event, they did release the next one right after.

Make one with Misaki and Naggy. I want to see them both being dorks together

I just have this feeling. I hope I'm wrong, but they've been sitting on both of them for ages it seems. They still have to go through the whole process of officially revealing Nagisa, and she's been in the game for months. If they drag it out, it'll be even longer to get to the newer girls (I view Kanna as the marker between old OCs and new)

I've never played a DOA game before, only came to these threads to jack off, but I love her design. Cookie brown skin and silver hair is top-tier character design, bonus points for the unkempt tomboy hair. She's like the DOA version of GBF's Zooey.

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I took the liberties to fix the names. Patty's VA's name was wrong (高野麻里佳 is Kouno Marika) and Sayuri's was the only one in the Japanese name order.
I also fixed it so that long vowels are shown properly for everyone now. As an example Helena's VA has a short u and Momiji's has a long one, but they were written the same on that image and that bothers my autismo.

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>white hair brown skin
fuck yes
>no red eyes
>looks like a retard
>retarded name
>no long hair
whales get the garbage they deserve

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And an extra one.

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>no red eyes
>looks like a retard
>retarded name
>no long hair
why did you start talking about yourself all of a sudden

>brown skin
>not gyaru

How many times will they recycle Marie's face. Jesus fuck.

>your love will never be so strong you transcendent to the 2d plane

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>hot a bra-less nopan slut
Fuck, couldnt they make her some stupid foreigner bimbo that thinks underwear is silly and goes commando

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is this the best pattyfags can come up with? Its going to be funny bullying them out of doathreads. Even honkerfags have more resilience

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Every time.

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