What have been your interesting discoveries about Animal Crossing?

What have been your interesting discoveries about Animal Crossing?

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Anybody have Celeste? Also I'm looking for doghouse di if anybody wants to trade

I discovered that Hamlet is an autistic faggot that doesn't want to leave the fucking island

Scorpions don't fuck around like Tarantulas do.

>Wanting BASED Hamlet to leave

Stop being a little faggot, hammie

it's still funny every time

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The people who play it are shattered individuals with no taste.

Something I noticed with shooting stars, non-meteor shower days.
>much like weather effects, they seem to start around 5-10 min to the top of the hour
>Comes in rounds of 5 on average
>rounds lasts a minute, once the clock hits the next minute, the shooting stars stop
>frequency of rounds are still random
>if you do not get any shooting stars after 10 minutes of the last round its safe to say you wont be getting any more for the next hour

No, I want Macbeth.

I let one of my original villagers leave and I'm really starting to regret it, every time I see their replacement walking around I feel dirty.

IS THERE ANY WAY TO ACCESS THE CUSTOM DESIGN PORTAL WHEN THE SHOP IS CLOSED? It's annoying because they're posting so many cool designs and I can't get any of them because it's 1 AM and my shop is not open. Why is there not an app on your phone that lets you access it? Why do you have to go to the shop for that? Is the only way seriously for me to go to someone else's town that's in a different time zone and use their portal there? Does that even work?

>Letting one of the pioneers of the island to likely make room for some dumb coomer villager


open custom design app and press +

>Shoot a balloon
>A skeleton pops out
I need to see this drawfagged.

Villgers wont always decorate their home with gifted furniture, but they do with bugs and fish you sold them. Octavian's space interior is now ruined because I sold him a sea bass.

Also, if anyone's interested in selling turnips:
Turnips are 571, the able sisters are also selling kimonos.


Why the fuck do you think it’s owl that genius? It’s to annoy you. Why can you only order 5 catalog items a day. Why can you not demolish a bridge and build one on the same day. Why can you not craft multiple items, why is the drop box only 80% value. All these things are to annoy the fuck out of you cause the devs hate the players

I'm not familiar with how this works.
How soon after release do they usually put out amiibo cards for the new villagers?
I really want to invite Audie as my Peppy.

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Well, have this in the meantime.

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AC1 has a hidden whale silhouette which sometimes appears when you sail to your island

>What have been your interesting discoveries about Animal Crossing?
Villagers can send you art.

nigga I don't know if you've checked the news recently but there's a global pandemic halting non-essential manufacturing and product rollouts

They haven't released amiibo cards in like four years so there's not really any pattern to go off of. I would just assume that IF they plan to do anything they'll announce it in June.

I recently discovered that there's no fucking difference between size 5 and size 6 fish and everyone who says they can see a difference is lying

>tfw I share my birthday with fucking Limberg


Who do you guys share your birthday with?

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I wish one of my first pioneers left already. Even if I like giving him dumb gifts

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Well that was underwhelming

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>Hello, my name is Covid-19, allow me to introduce myself

Bam now everyone is gonna go to his house for a party and not mine
just like real life

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Rate me

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your either gay or a woman

underrated qt

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