I decided to play GTA V again. The only time i played i chose the "save all my friends" choice...

I decided to play GTA V again. The only time i played i chose the "save all my friends" choice, but this time i killed Michael.
I have to say it was the most unsatisfying ending possible. And the image of the guy with the head smashed was too heavy.

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I've played two times and I always killed Trevor
fuck him his the worst character in the game

Michael helps kill Trevor but Trevor doesn't help kill Michael..

Why wasn't there a "Kill Franklin" Option?

Because you're playing Franklin you retard

He’s the only protagonist who isn’t a huge shitbag

I was hoping that's what would happen in Ending C

gta v was fucking weak

On launch, I actually picked to kill Trevor since I assumed all 3 endings would result in a protagonist death. Only because Rockstar has this massive boner for killing off protagonists at the end of their games.

>And the image of the guy with the head smashed was too heavy.
Perhaps you'd like The Last of Us 2 better?


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Fuck that nigger. I fully blame him for the Rick and Morty LULZ SO RANDOM culture that infested 2015-2020

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Killing Trevor ending is really kino, but all the assasination missions in option C are fun.
Killing Michael is the worst ending possible in the game.

All of the characters in 5 were gay. Can we play as the Slav again 6?

the shittiest characters are in "The lost and Damned" part of the "liberty city stories".
I tried to play that shit but after 2 missions i had to turn it off, that game is really fucking bad.

Okay, but he's nig nog

>Rockstar has this massive boner for killing off protagonists at the end of their games
name 5

Black guy fucked the girl you were afraid to talk to in school i get it. You should get over it though, you're 40

the only one i can remember is L.A. Noir and Red Dead Redemption.

The main character in Bully hangs himself in the epilogue when he realizes all the shitty things he's done

rdr1 LA noir rdr2 GTAV VCS

You're grasping at straws here because the only thing that Franklin brings to the table is being black. Now what would be compelling is if Franklin brushing shoulders with merryweather and IAA or doing contract killing for the nerd guy led to a situation where he has to kill Lamarr. The point Rockstar lost was Franklin transitioning gun from blue collar to white collar crime. Instead of peddling drugs he would be the guy shipping pallets of it. Instead all we got was "damn these crackers be crazy."

Fpbp. Based.

I killed Trevor because he was an annoying piece of shit and I didn't care for any of the characters or the (((story))) anyway.
Uninstalled right after and never touched again.

He has the deepest lore though. If you try to get a tattoo when playing as him he's got some corny trevor and michael best buds for life tattoo. Trevor was always bro tier he just had a fucked up way of showing it.

He maybe be wacky or whatever, but you don't know people who do hard drugs man. Those people are over the top in ways you cant imagine.

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Franklin is supposed to be the SA rep, kind of like CJ.

Because there was no such option

There was supposed to be third option which resulted in Franklin being killed and Lamar was supposed to replace him and be protagonist of DLC as well. There are even some audio files recorded for that option iirc but Rockstar pussied out and made happy ending instead.

Allegedly there was supposed to be a "Kill Franklin" option where you play as Lamar afterwards but due to his actor ending up in prison they weren't able to record all the voice lines they needed so had to cut that option out.

early in the development they wanted to add an option where franklin dies and you’ll play Lamar, but they canned the idea because reasons

He killed his ex and best "friend" and then shoots himself. The women complained it's too violent against women so it's cut

LA Noire was made by the defunct Team Bondi. Rockstar bought the rights when they went under.

They did those two endings extremely well.
Trevor is kind of a unstable retard, even if I like him, so killing him to finally be free from that life is seems like a fair decision to me.
But Michaels ending was brutal. Franklin, who was like a son Michael never had to him, hunting Michael to kill his ass without mercy, when he is finally getting along with his family no less, was pretty damn sad to watch.
I would actually say that killing Michael is the best ending when it comes to being impactful.
With that said I pussied out and went back to get the happy ending, and I didnt wanna lose a playable character obviously.

The characters in this game were so fucking unlikable. I wish there was an option to kill all 3 of the bastards.

Mutt's law

that would’ve worked for the more gritty approach that R* tried with GTA 4 but 5 was the same Arcady drive-shoot-ebin movie / pop culture references it was back on PS2, having a real impact on your story would overwhelm the troglodytes who played GTA V