Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?

Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?

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Pic related is the real criminal. If there was ever a game that was released prematurely, it was Tomba! 2.

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>Now that the dust has settled
The dust never gets a chance to 'settle' when you faggots keep bringing it up.

They're both autistic faggots

Isnt one of them a cheating fag? That guy.

This... looks fun...

The guy in the back

Oh it is

Chibi should have fucked off before even getting to that point but upper-lip could've been a lot less gay about how he told him to fuck off

Is there a nigger somewhere in the crowd?

I imagine his autism patience levels were depleted by that point in the day.

DuRr PiGs aRe In MaNy GaEmS

The autistic one

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>more then 5 years after the incident chibi is finally allowed back on the couch
>but he is not allowed to talk or or wear a mic
>and he was only invited cause he managed to be the first to get the WR for a category almost no one ran in a fotm game that was broken like a week later
So by the time chibi turns 35, do you think he will he be allowed to actually run a game at a GDQ?

Or did he ruin those chances after posting that video of himself nude on twitter?

obsessed inbred white supremacist faggot, take that bbc out your pale ass faggot

>When you leak your own nudes to own teh trolls in a game of 4D chess

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The cheater autist

Saboom for leaving caveman alone with that mong chibi

Context? Everytime I hear about Chibi theres some new shit surrounding that faggot.

He wasn't gonna give the trolls the satisfaction of leaking his nudes first so he posted them on his own twitter himself.

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You made my day user

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how often does he change autism gamer names

Whenever he gets caught cheating, posts nudes, etc

>chibi gets catfish'd by someone (most likely a kiwifag) to do a video nude of himself talking sexy to someone he thought was a girl
>after finding out about it he wants to "one-up" the trolls so they have no leverage over him by posting it himself on twitter
>he community would stand behind him in support for being so brave
>aftermath is

the retard who sat on the couch despite knowing nothing about the game. the other dude was just a guy doing his thing, commentating his run, wanting the best for his audience and trying to maintain a good pace.

the autistic premise for them being there in the first place doesn't excuse somebody interfering where they have no place

what makes you think either of them were right? they're both turbo autists and neither of them know how to interact with humans properly. at least coconut head isn't a giant passive aggressive pussy like molestache next to him

he should really just leave the internet. its all over for you dude.

The funny thing is that even fucking Blueglass, who is on the spectrum and had no knowledge about the game knew to ask Caveman questions., even if they were shitty questions.

chibi should have stuck to asking about the game instead of giving his opinions and cracking shitty jokes.

Is he cut or uncut?

gdq has taken to "shadow banning" people to avoid drama i guess. you're allowed to come back and appear on camera, you just wont get a mic and will never ever have a run approved.

I honestly feel bad for chibster.

He's like chris-chan in the way he isn't aware of the consequences of his actions but unlike chris he is fully self-aware of the consequences themselves when they happen, so he can't just escape into some psuedo-fantasy CWCville realm whenever he gets humiliated.

So much shit could have been avoided if he just stopped trying to make himself famous, but there is no point in hindsight now.