Anyone want to have a nice shmup thread? There's a few on sale

Anyone want to have a nice shmup thread? There's a few on sale

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I played some mushihimesama and dodonpachi resurrection tonight. I think I prefer mushihimesama. The colors of bullets in dodonpachi are harder for me to see and the slow-down and recovery feels less smooth, so there were times i ended up hitting bullets because i hadn't shifted direction soon enough.

Gradius V and ZeroRanger have ruined the genre for me, I cant find anything I enjoy remotely as much so I never get to into them anymore

Shmup's are cool. Hard to fuck em up, too, I think.

>tfw the sale will end before I get paid

>user still desperately trying to have a shmup thread on Yas Forums
It won't work

Playing Savant and like it a lot

Is Silpheed on PS2 any good? Speaking of are there any good PS2 shmups that aren't just arcade ports?

Thunder Force IV is kino. Thunder Force AC is also getting a Sega Ages release.

What are some good steam shmups then that aren't CAVEshits?

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Tale of Alltynex
Terra Infiirma is free and is touhou but good
Could never into them but there's a few Raidens on there

Pink Sweets and Muchi Muchi Pork are both great, why do they get hate again? Is it because of the bullshit Cave was pulling with Xbox360 ports?

crimzon clover
luftrausers is pretty cool and I think I remember it being made by an user, though it's more of a twin stick than a traditional shmup

>Pink Sweets
From what I heard it had some terrible bug that made it unplayable
>Muchi Muchi Pork
People hate this? It's fun and has THICC ASS women, it's the greatest piece of art mankind produced only half joking

I've played and 1cc'd all of alltynex and I'm currently doing hellsinker. Is there any that isn't a bullet hell?

PSA for the unaware
Devil Engine, while a good game, is unfortunately a case where Dangen fucked over the developer, so your money isn't going to where it should be.

considering where a certain Mushihimesame Futari patch still stands, yes, I'm still mad

Dariusburst might be what you're after. The other Darius games I've played seemed more focused on positioning than bullet spam

How about verts? I'm pretty horseshit at horis

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From my scrolling through steam it seems the verts are all bullet hells, which kind of sucks
Air Gallet isn't on steam but it kicks ass and isn't a bullet hell

Not doing much tonight, but I am going through some vintage classics just for the ride. Here's my shit records so far:

Space Invaders
Space Invaders Part II

Honestly Space Invaders is the most fun of them so far. It looks like a dinosaur in terms of visuals, but the hitboxes are nice and clean, and you start to realize there's some genuine depth in it which makes it feel very ahead of its time.

cave owns, bitch

I still don't get this meme

What are some good shmups I can play for free?

Why is it that this entire subgenre has either AI that randomly kills itself or completely fucking cheats?

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Are any of the shmups the characters from %100 OJ are from any good?
Terra Infirma is free on steam
Otherwise you can search for shmupg in the vg archive and get their mega, and also emulate a ton

Alright I can never get a straight answer for this. What is the ideal version of Triggerheart Exelica? The only consistent answer I get is the XBLA version is apparently terrible

That's just how programming AI goes.

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Link? Nothing comes up when I search it on steam.

Whoops, it's called Terra Feminarum

Everyone always forgets about DemonStar, really cool western shmup.

Secret Missions 1 > 2 > Demonstar

Anyone played Jamestown after that DLC update it got not long ago?

There's regular touhou threads, in fact one up right now, so why do general shmup threads always die?

because there is nothing to talk about, meanwhile, the other has a side-game and two monthly manga coming