I can't sleep, Double D. I keep thinking about how we never found out what happened between these two...

I can't sleep, Double D. I keep thinking about how we never found out what happened between these two. Totalbiscuit hinted at knowing the beef, threatening to take it to his grave, and then the cancer faggot went and actually died. Will we ever know? Will faggots online ever quit interjecting to announce how stupid they think it is to be curious about something like it gives them internet cool points? I miss 7 asses. I miss banana shoes. I miss boopin'-ass games. I miss Lets Plays not being a fucking business, but rather a display of two personalities' chemistry and commentary on video games and why we enjoy them.

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Arin wanted to turn Game Grumps into a lifelong career and Jon was getting kind of tired with it and wanted to go back to doing his own thing.
That's literally it. There's no big conspiracy here. There might have been an argument or two but nothing newsworthy.

Gaming media has been dead since G4, Eddy. The only reason there's a market is because the organs are still kept fresh to be eventually sold.

I miss when I didn't know Jon was a white nationalist.

jontron knew he’d feel unfulfilled if he did let’s plays for the rest of his life so he fucked off

On my way to beat up you, a retard

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No one likes niggers user.
t. everyone

Oneyplays is superior in every way anyways. They're kino.

and to be honest it was the smart move, many dont like game grumps now but its successful enough to continue and make a decent living of it.

Oney and Arin drama is spicier since unlike Jon Oney seems to actively resent Arin now

user please

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Jon is a child who just parrots what he hears daddy (SleepyCabin) scream into the tv set.

I dunno, I feel like that would have had a lot less weirdness. ConspiracyGrumps seems retarded if you only go skin deep but I dove way too deep into that when it first started and they basically censored Jontron for a year. Arin was on a podcast saying something like "I dont know if I'm mad or not". Whats there to be mad about if Jon just wanted to do something else? Is Arin that petty?

hey tomar..

I know this is bait, but it makes me want to vomit that people actually think this. Funny man does funny voices. Time to clap.

tfw even Joolian hates what the show became

Jon's a nice guy, Oney and Arin are cunts

Jon fucked Suzy. Never heard it from the man himself, but knowing people in Arin’s circle gets you some inside scoops. Again, unless I hear it from Arin, that’s as close as I’ll get.

Julian honestly grosses me out. I like Ding Dong a lot, don't care he's gay, but Julian is a faggot.

I personally like it better without Julian and Dingdong

I don't see how didn't notice it before since he was always dropping shit like this in episodes.

Prove it

Can you elaborate? Also why would Jon want rodent cooch when he had a girlfriend around the time he left?

Jon had a real cutie back then. Why'd they split?

I’ll get right on getting drunk at a party again, video recording the conversation, and getting a notary.

People cheat. This isn’t anything new.

Julian added a flavour of amateurness that I could relate to. He wasn't a big time voice actor or well established personality, he was just an artist and he seemed to enjoy just hanging out with friends. Dingdong wasnt a well established personality but he was trying to be. Too hard, at times.

While I don’t necessarily find all his content stellar, I appreciate that he always picks stuff he’s interested in rather than just what’s new (aside from sponsored videos of course, hell why dont the Raid Shadow Legends people just pay him to make an entire video like he did with the Dungeon game, it’d pay off way better than dragging down other stuff with it)

Does it even matter anymore? They're obviously cool now, and even did that one Star Wars Kinect video together to prove that they're fine and the whole, "feud," the internet concocted between them was fake and overblown.

this. the "bad blood" would have developed from who owns a collaborative project, and what a fair divorce settlement was

Oneyplays was best when it was Zach and Niall. Julian and Ding Dong are fine, but they're such edgelords it hurts.

>I miss Lets Plays not being a fucking business
I'll do you one better. I miss the days when people put out fucking ANY kind of vidya-related content without it being a business. I remember having a handful of sites I could go to for humorous text-based reviews, some of which covered more than just vidya, and the dynamic was something you basically never see anymore. Nobody was trying to build their livelihoods around it. The creators were regular posters on their own forums. There was basically no cult-of-personality hero worship going on. It was something people did for fun, in their spare time, because they fucking wanted to, or they had some shit to say about something. Not to say that everything old was good, or that everything new is bad... just that there are some things I miss about how this whole "content creation" thing used to work.

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It's not because of "internet cool points" you stupid child.
It's because it's really fucking annoying being surrounded by children like you who constantly talk about their e-celeb garbage.

And then a year later, Arin said during a Q&A that he'd probably never work with Jon again because of his comments about immigration.

Persains are white.

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>still watching Let’s Plays in episodic format alone instead of watching streamers and participating in chat and experiencing things live


>youtube vs twitch elitism

>needing to be validated by gamer bros and e-girls with a webcam

yeah okay BUDDY

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I love YouTube. Also there are streamers on YouTube. I just don’t understand why people opt for the shittier format.

But that was a whole seperate event. It had nothing to do with their original split.

And nothing of value was lost
Ego raptor is dead, Jacques is dead, let dead things lie

Posting emoticons and spamming made up meme jargon to a surrogate friend isn't really an experience to be proud of.

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Who remembers that game grumps episode where Arin looked up a picture of Mike Matei's big dick on his phone and got a virus?

Why was Arin looking up pictures of guys with huge dicks?

I don’t watch the trash streamers or gamer grills. There are some really chill smaller channels and a live format is simply better.

What was the deal with that? I used to hear about rumors Mike MTei has a huge penis. So he had a dick pic leaked? How big was it?

Fuck off Mike, nobody cares you stuff your pants with a fake cock

The superior drama involved that completionist bro

man, you must be an OLD oldfag. I feel sorry for you, dude. Not only has your way of life been dismantled, it's been forgot.

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0/10 bait

You don’t get spam in smaller channels.

he's not?
On topic to the thread, Arin ended up being a total bitch. Nothing he has done with Game Grumps has as much soul as his animation stuff and honestly even Sequelitis was better and that was completely retarded rambling

I didn't dislike Julian and DD either, I just like Zack, Corey, and Tomar better.

Recommend me some smallboiz, twitchanon.

This. I want to know more about Greg or whatever his name was. He was the best on Scary Game Squad.

theyre both schizo contrarian furries