Indie game

>indie game
>it's a metaphor for mental health

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>mental health
>it’s a metaphor for an indie game

name 10 games. right now


>"horror" game
>the real demons were the mental problems you made along the way

i mean why not, so many fouls one is bound to be a home run

also what do you want [insert indie game here] to be a metaphor for? religion? so you christcuks can be assblasted? you want it to be political? again, so you can be assblasted when it doesn't align to your views?

the thing is mental health is what's plaguing many at this current time, of course people who makes these indie games will choose that topic to explore in their game

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Night in the Woods
Axiom Verge

Name one

>also what do you want [insert indie game here] to be a metaphor for?
Nothing, you fucking idiot

Yume Nikki

>Night in the Woods
it's literally a eldritch being goofing off, no metaphor at all
It is a coming of age story though

How the fuck is Axiom Verge based on mental health? Because the antagonist is the MC from the future and crazy?

The big twist is the protagonist being insane and in therapy.

Lisa the First
Lisa the Painful
Lisa the Joyful
Space Funeral
Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden
plus these

The game hints several times that none of this really happened and the MC is just delusional.

night in the woods
the path
child of light
this war of mine

big ugly boy 4

>Cant sacrifice your friends to gain ShubNigguraths favor and mby some powers
What did NitW meant by this?

Depression Quest.

the binding of isaac
depression quest

yet it's a fucking trope that's been done to death over the past decade. Indie developers need to stand out, not do the same damn thing.

>Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden
>metaphor for mental health
haha what

How the fuck is that mental health

desu only Slavs and Japs are good at making “2deep4u” stories

He literaly battles against his inner demons

I wouldn't call the Lisa games a "metaphor" for mental health since the game is pretty explicitly features and is ABOUT mentally unstable people.

That one was about a bomb right

You immediately assume that a religous theme would be the only alternative when no one except you assumed that. Your insecurity towards it is hilarious. And no I have no religion.

>Serious Sam
>it's Mental

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are you retarded

user go look up "metaphor" in a dictionary.

>indie game
>it's a metaphor for mental instability

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