Xenoblade DE is now officially kino. Can't argue this

Xenoblade DE is now officially kino. Can't argue this.

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>He is looking for his father

Riki you fucking deadbeat

can't wait, anons




>kino got a mommy gf


kek where's his brother ludo

Doesn't look to be the case, it doesn't seem Riki knew anything about ether guns.
>inbefore his father was Gadolt

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Surrogate mother actually.

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me on the right

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Shut up Melia.

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He should just fuck both

Is this supposed to be Melia's seductive strut to catch Shulk?

She's always walked like that.

English trailers yet?

There won't english trailers.

Fun fact: that is her walking animation since the original xbc, the difference is that her clothes this time doesn't have that cape so you can see how she actually moves.

Who's the swordsman in the new video? Will it be a new character, or someone we know?

He's a High Entia clearly, but I don't regonize his voice.

I want to try this game since people haven't ever stopped talking about it but people also talk about how "great" XC2 supposedly is and that's one of the worst games I have ever played in my life so my faith is fragile

yaldabaoth looking majestic as fuck

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>and that's one of the worst games I have ever played in my life
If you didn't like it then that's whatever dude, but you haven't played many shit games if you think XC2 is anywhere near that level of bad

>sentient lifeform that exists inside other beings and is hostile (?) to Telethia
Why haven't you done all of X's sidequests yet?

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You can't really judge one Xenoblade game by another.

Looks great besides the soulless avatars on the left during battle. Luckily they're smaller than in the original.

Based Japanese voices

This game is beautiful

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I'm working on it. Haven't played XB1 though.

2babs never played a JPRG besides pokemon and MAYBE golden sun/mario in their lives, or a PS Vitards who jumped ship to Switch and they're used to playing trash. Of course they'd overrate 2. It's not a bad game, but damn does the game's fans suck ass.

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I hope they've been working on a model viewer like the 3DS version had (I think?), or at least a bestiary. Looking at the japanese video, doesn't seem like they made changes to how checking up on NPCs in the social tree works. So still gotta wander around for hours on end.

1 was a genuine 10/10 for me.
X was like a 4 because it was a shittily-handled offline MMO.
2 was like an 8/10.

So? There's at least one Telethia in the shoulder.

X had the best exploration i think but the lack of a proper story and the tacked on mmo shit made it worse than the other two