Well, Yas Forums?

Well, Yas Forums?

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I smack the hands and stomp on both pills

>another generic anime swordsman
>literally who
Is there a third pill?

The third pill is to gas all smash rosterfags.

none because sora doesn't fit in nintendo's universe at all and we don't need any more third parties
and geno is a literal who so fuck him

neither one is tony hawk so i don't care

Sora. But if there's a third option, I'd like it to be "swap Byleth with almost anyone else".

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The black pill, which is another Fire Emblem rep

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Why do ppl even like sora? Also genos could already be in the game, that is just a puppet he wad controlling, the chaeacter itself is not the puppet.

>Sora with no disney references.
sorry, thats a Geno for me.

Neither of those two.

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No thanks

>Implying any disney shit made kingdom hearts better.

I don't even play this game, but you fucks have wanted Geno for literally a decade.

Fucking give them Geno.

Never ever. Disney would make insane demands like put a Bayo in a burka make Daisy black and have a Captain Marvel skin for Samus. Nintendo would be like no way fag.
Slim chance SquareEnix own him but hey Cloud got in.

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>Character that can be negotiated with
>Character that can't be negotiated with without a lot of compromises and potential legal issues in the future
You already got Geno's spirit, just put him in as a playable fighter and be done with it. No one wins with Square being stingy.

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Gun to my head Geno I guess. Both suck but Sora is one of the least wanted characters aside from more first party shill picks and Crash. If Geno got in Genofags would finally have nothing to talk about and he would fade into nothing because he's in such a big roster

Disney has already okay'd Sora.

There are lots of characters/fans just like that, not just genocucks.

Didn't they say Disney of Japan stopped Sora from getting in?

Ultimate sucks anyways, people will play the character for a week and stop giving a fuck.

Not that I know of or heard about.


why the hell would disney japan have more power then just the regular company

>Japanese game company that is making a Japanese fighting game want's to put in a character from a JRPG developed by Square a company based in Japan but is partially owned by an international corporation

Oh. That's a blog post from a guy that was making speculations from his own opinions.

and? Sora is owned by Disney, Disney japan does not really get to put him wherever they want without checking with the main company. It does not matter where the game is being made.

Think epic mickey was easy to make?

You realize this was proven fake clickbait right? It was from a speculation podcast where it was taken out of context.

They were talking about Sora being in, someone asked another person if he thought they've approached Disney, and the guy said "they've absolutley approched them once."

Hell, he even says he thinks either Sora or Master Chief are getting in seconds later

youtu.be/SLg0CVc5vrk about 26 seconds in.

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We deserve a non-human swordsman

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I reject your reality and substitute my own

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26 minutes, my bad

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there you go, its pretty much the same

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