Plays on PC

>plays on PC
>still at 1080p resolution
Literally what's the point nerd? Go back to consoles

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i've been on 1200p for like 15 years. don't pretend to be some hip and cool anime gay if you just discovered 4k or some bullshit new gimmick

I play at 1440p for a while. It makes me cringe people spending 500 bucks on gpus just to only play at 1080p

but I'm at 144fps

you are the cringe gay anime guy

>plays on PC
>still at 60hz
cringing irl

144hz & better controllers

I play on pc at 720p lol

Is Factorio playable on consoles? No? I don't give a fuck about resolution

480p masterrace

>paying twice as much for a monitor so games can run worse only for a little extra screen size or quality
1080p is all you ever genuinely need, stop falling for tech industry hype

>Literally what's the point nerd?
don't have to pay for games

PC has:
>100x more games to play
> no online fees
>better controls
>cheaper games

theres no reason to play on console except a few exclusives

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Is Vic2 playable on consoles? No? I don't give a fuck about resolution

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1080p 144hz is the only correct setup. you literally don't need anything else.

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>He doesn't want more screen space to view his factory without zooming out


I can't coom on consoles

I play rpgs, strategy and rogue likes. The only game genre I like that is possible to play with parity on consoles is Arpgs and DD2 never ever.

>I don't have friends or know how to have fun

>144Hz cope in this thread
Its not 2014 anymore. 1440p and 144hz is very achievable in mid to high tier gpus. Gaming on PC is a enthusiast hobby, go hard or go home.

>tfw still 1366 x 768

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>Gaming on PC is a enthusiast hobby

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because i have a 1080p monitor

What does that have to do with pc

Why yes I do play all my games at 720p 30FPS, how could you tell?

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lmao imagine caring what resolution people you don't even know play their games in, what a loser

t. 1768x992 windowed gang

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I have a 2070S and play at 1080p/144hz does that make you cringe?

144 hz > 1440p


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my tv only does 60hz at 1080p

>Gaming on PC is a enthusiast hobby, go hard or go home.
you're not an """enthusiast""" because you paid for something more expensive, get back to me when you can write your own engine faggot

gimme controller size of a keyboard and i play your xboxstation

>spending 500 dollars
i just put a 150 dollar card in a PC i got for free from some firm thst was tossing their old computers
works well enough for playing games with my friends

I wish i could dash a drink on your PC. Imbeciles shouldn't be allowed on this platform

you play at whatever resolution the game you are currently playing permits a sufficient minimum framerate that you don't feel nauseous playing the game

I'm sorry you only have ghettonigger consolecuck friends, it's what you get for being a mutt I guess

>write your own engine faggot
Literally no reason for anyone to do this now

I went from 1440p 60hz to 1080p 144hz. Having 144hz is better.

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God i fucking love girls with gloves

I still play at 1280x1024

but can you shitpost on consoles?

144hz is placebo.

i actually rather like editing text on my 4k panels, so even if you don't like playing games on them due to fps, it's still nice to have at least one

>buy ultrawide 100hz "gaming" monitor
>Japanese games only work at 16:9 max aspect ratio

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I think I have to do this. My vega 56 is struggling in Control.

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The last jump that mattered significantly is to 720P. Anything beyond that is superfluous.

t. never looked at a game running on a 144hz screen in his entire life

i thought this until i recently got a 1440p monitor with my trumpbux. its really amazing how big of a difference 144hz makes. played some csgo and did better than ever and i'd have to say the monitor helped more than i would have ever thought