Pathologic 2

Worth buying for the girls and 2deep4u story if I hate the survival sim mechanics with hunger/thirst bars and other BS?

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Yeah, it's worth giving your time to. And of course, you can refund it if you can't get into it. Why do you hate survival mechanics?

should i buy Pathologic2? i like horror game a lot and for this girl

user, real talk. You said you care about the 2deep4u story, right? This isn't a text game like a VN. If you disable the intended difficulty/make the game too easy, the point won't come across. This game is a masterpiece of gameplay&storytelling interlacing. Now, if youonly care about waifus, then you play anyway you want, you'll get them.

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This game more a survival than a full horror game.


is the learning curve hard?

Best girl coming through

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No, it's much easier to get accustomed to to pathologic 1 and shouldn't really be an issue unless you're a zoomer whose attention span has been cooked by battle royale.

Literally kojima tier bullshit only written by pretencious slav
Never buy this piece of shit

nah i dont play zoomer's garbage, guess ill try pirating it first before buying it

Yes, no, depends. Do you pay enough attention? If you go blind like me and don't really pay attention to what the game is advising you, you'll get yourself into a death spiral like me by day 5 or 6. If you're an ADHD faggot like me consider searching for spoiler free tips. But you're a competent player I can't see how you coul fail since the mechanics are not hard, it's the knowing what to do.

I know your steam account, faggot

guess ill try the pirate ver 1st and see how it goes

I was talking abou patho 2. Patho 1 has a lot of walking and is tedious if you're not into it

yea not interested in 1, arent Patho2 basically a remake of 1

You don't, Mykola

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That's what they're saying. It's an improved remake of the original Pathologic. Gonna try Patho 2 soon, anons.

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P1 has 3 characters' stories, P2 remakes only one of them. It doesn't really matter which you play first.
Also don't be deterred by failure, or if it seems like you aren't able to do everything you want. That's very much part of the game.

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>Worth buying for the girls

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Are you telling me Aglaya is not worth it?

Buy it for her!

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Based and soulpilled

No. Pretentious game that uses awful gameplay as a means to get its non-existent 2deep4u MESSAGE across. Just a huge waste of time with nothing to show for it. You want a good story — read a book, want a good game — play a game that has actual fun gameplay.

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No. It's a survival game first and foremost. If you don't enjoy the tension created by survival mechanics, you won't like the game.

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The immersion factor of a video game with a great story is leaps and bounds superior to a fucking book, you retarded litfag.

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The survival sim mechanics are integral to the game as a whole and everything you do would be kind of meaningless without them. You can casualize them in game but you really shouldn't. The overall experience is meant to be nerve wracking and miserable and the only reason it's a video game and not a stage play is because the developer decided he couldn't fully convey that sensation any other way.

>non existent message
Filtered by WORDS. How does it feel to be illiterate?

user... why...

The survival mechanics are an integral part of the game.
It's fine to hate them, not even sure you're supposed to like what you're going through. That's not to dispel any critique about them, I'm just saying they're supposed to make you as miserable as all the other characters are, so that you can empathize better. Or it's just some weird russian thing just about making you as miserable as possible and I've completely misinterpreted it.

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