Its funny how Yas Forums actually ignored the actual transgender in the game

Its funny how Yas Forums actually ignored the actual transgender in the game

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This character desgin isn't even half as retarded as the muscle tranny

white supremacists love their pet asians

It's because you can't tell when it's an Asian.


The muscle bitch looks so muscular and manly that most people just automatically assumed.

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thats literally still design, you have no idea what the word means

That thing looks like an insect

>imagine having to dilate in an apocalyptic world.

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They 3d model their bodies. And they fucking screwed on some pudgy 14 year old girl's head on top of the body of a 45 year old construction worker

>Joel dies
>Joel's corpse gets spit on by a beaner
>You've got to beat up Ellie while playing Beef McFridge.
>So badly that her eyes bleed
This Asian tranny is the least of the memes right now.
>mfw Joel doesn't even get to tell Ellie he loves her.

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So taking a photo of someone is design?

Serena Williams?

God I fucking hope he at least got to say good bye. The leak ended with him saying stop to ellie.

Its like they stole the model from a Dexter tie in game

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We have
>Dead Joel edits
>Beaten Ellie edits
>Abby edits
>Golf jokes all around
What else?

Asians arr rook same.

i spat out my drink reading this
thank you

Not trans, asians are just that effeminate

Who is this man?

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Its a trans actor playing the character
If any character's trans in this game
Its this one

The leak ended with her saying stop he's in no position to talk

Black chicks are usually slightly more manly, Serena looks like she does roids but probably has naturally higher test or something.

lol this gook "men" look more feminine than white women

Literally a tranny, look up Ian Alexander

serena body is hot af female af, not some nasty man beast like that cracker

>serena body is hot af female af
but you do you.

yes it is you nasty faggot

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Yes. After all everyone is a creation from god.

I thought this is a ftm male

I prefer white ass

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I literal man is less manly looking than the bulldyke in that game, it's full tumblr bait.