Why aren't videogames fun anymore?

Why aren't videogames fun anymore?

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Fun is offensive.

Because you're a miserable piece of shit.

Too many people are playing them now.

kikes and trannies

you’re probably getting burnt out
try taking a break from games for a while, you’ll probably get withdrawal but don’t let it get to you.

You never liked them in the first place and only saw them as a means to have friends.

Because you became a joyless adult.
Sooner or later it happens to everyone.


Because the industry's focus has shifted from people who want to have fun to ~25-30 yo hipsters who grew up on shit like "Why Ocarina of Time is a timeless masterpiece about coming out of the closet" and now want every game to be a DEEP and relatable spr srs experience™.

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Think about the games you're playing now. Odds are they're mindless multiplayer loot grinds or samey iterations of narrative-heavy action adventure franchise.

try NOT playing those games. Do something simple, retro, arcadey, challenging. Play for yourself and get the thrill back.

why cat so sad? :-(

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Stress from non-vidja can leak into your enjoyment. You may be blocking it out of your head, but if you are behind on taxes, havent received unemployment, your gf is pissed, and you have gained 10 lbs in the last month, then the negatice affects of these problems will hurt the fun of whatever you are doing until you stop procastinating and solve those problems.

The saying “happy wife, happy life” isnt just about making some bitch happy. A carefree life where problems have been resolved and resolved quickly is much more enjoyable than one with constant nagging stress just under the surface.

Only western games aren't fun anymore.



You grew up.

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on the west they became a vehicle for political propaganda, so fun is not allowed

>making fun of streamer culture as a career podcaster
>that general snarky know it all cynicism
So lame.

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Because developers 10+ years ago focused entirely on fun experiences. These were genuine gamers who loved what they were doing and put their souls into projects. Watch the Halo 2 Documentary, those lads downright cut content if they didn't personally think it was fun. Nowadays, games have become so much more cinematic and devs are really just leveraging off game development as a tool to boost their inevitable film/television career. Don't believe me? look at Hideo Kojima or Neil Druckmann.
Their employees, who got into the industry because games are something they love and want to support, are being overworked to death and paid pennies. Any good dev in this day and age has long since left or working soulless pencil-pusher roles.
Games are really pricey to make now and also take years of development, so why put so much passion into something for years just to be flavor of the month in June 2024? It's insanity for employees to be excited about this prospect, nobody cares anymore.

tl;dr It's not you, it's them.

He's right though, you can't continue to pretend to be 14 all your life, well into your 30's. That's literally the major source of all the problems that modern men can't seemingly figure out.

>tfw screaming at a game in rage right now
please help me

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The same reason mainstream music and movies are shit, corporatization and judaism.

are there not still fun indie games?

Because local multiplayer barely exists anymore. What vidya do kids play at sleep overs now

>minecraft servers

Stop playing competitive team shit.

Because gaming become a very popular hobby, gaming was only for nerds 20 years ago made by nerds , now is for everybody, so the developers and corporations try to please everybody and they alwasys fail. SO is not a surprise gaming is trash, you can barely find some good games per year, overall just sequels, remakes, remasters, ports, politics in games, etc.

>sleep overs
Sit down grampa

Except most people aren't pretending to be anything so he's wrong and so are you.

You can you not tell that even the others there don't agree? The tone of their voices is that they're fawning over his perceived intelligence, not that they agree.

They try to tell him why he's a fucking retard but he just keeps talking so they give in.

>Download a game from torrent/steam
>Open it
>Play for a few minutes
>Close it without saving
>Drink alcohol, fap, go to sleep

Such is my life now, I just can't play vidja anymore, I don't know why.

I can't enjoy video games anymore because I'm behind where I need to be in life and so it feels like I'm wasting my time. Of course I end up just procrastinating on Yas Forums instead.

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because they are all shit and everyone is antisocial

Its as big as Hollywood and music industries. They are all formulaic and mass produced