Unironically, what character could defeat >her?

Unironically, what character could defeat >her?

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Ok, its time to clear up some serious misconceptions about trans people.

I'm trans (transitioned in 2012) and I've been an oldfag dating to 2007. Believe it or not, I know at least 10 other people in the exact same position as me, people I met through Yas Forums that helped me with my transition, and I did likewise. Matter of fact, I'd say lurking for a while here actually predisposes you to being trans, at least I think so. We didn't really discuss it too often though because, duh, its a film board, so we just sort of casually went along with the bashing here and there, just to keep a lower profile on Yas Forums in general.

But ever since Yas Forums brought over the discord tranny meme its been fucking hectic, now literally every thread devolved to this shit, just for the living fuck of it. I get they can be funny sometimes but- Why? Why do you hate us so fucking much that you'll start thread after tread just to bash trans people in Yas Forums? I get that we tend to hold left wing views but gamergate was years ago, why bare we still holding onto the Yas Forumstard Yas Forums ideal? Try talking to a trans person for the first time, really, and you'll see right off how we're literally just regular fucking people, we can hold a conversation, we're funny, and we love films, that why we come here. I can't think of a single other minority that endures the nonstop barrage of hate that we do here and it sucks, it really does, but i keep coming back because I love you guys, I love the creative output of Yas Forums, and I want it to get better later on. Just something to consider.

Nadine from Uncharted 4, let’s see who has the stronger Naughty Dog plot armour

Oldfag since 2005, you're just mentally ill fuck off faggot go and instead dilate a hole about 6 feet deep in the ground and jump into it

tldr kill yourself

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Is this a pasta? Reddit is that way bucko. Are you mtf or ftm? How do you feel about dilating? Or do you have one of those grotesque sausage tubes?

>what character
step aside faggot, the chad squad's moving in to sterilize this malignant anti-citizen

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Me, and only me.

Go away Ellie

raiden with not his blade

eeeeeewwww grossssss

Yas Forums has racist & sexist people, you're acting surprised that they also hate other groups of people

Kamoshida wouldn't touch that dumpsterfire

But I'd do the same too...

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kill yourself buddy

The new combine designs are so much better than hl2. I can't take those retarded puffy vests seriously.

fuck yeah they are, hell even the remake of the original combine look slick as fuck.
I can just see this chad holding the line against even the largest of literal whos

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I don’t give a shit what you are or what you identify with, and I think most people on here don’t care either, it’s just the same 5 autists keep posting.

But also please don’t cut your dick off. I’m perfectly happy accepting you as a woman in society I just don’t want you to feel like you have to mutilate your body. I’m honestly saying this from a place of love, and I want you to be able to accept and love yourself without an expensive surgery that you won’t make you feel any more woman after you have, unable to ever feel sexual satisfaction again. You can be accepted a woman without that shit

Clementine, with an added slugcat
They can defeat the likes of Senator Abbystrong

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>Oldfag since 2005
Clearly not if you can't recognize obvious pasta.

Maybe Kratos in his prime but I'm not even sure

>responding seriously to this bait

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Jesus Loved you, but instead of wanting His love you were defiling your body in such a grotesque and unnatural manner. This leads only to hell.

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shut up neil go hang yourself

Saving this lmao
time to bait some tourists

It'd be a tight match, but Kratos.

Yas Forums is so easy to bait lmao

Godzilla might stand a chance if she has one hand tied behind her back. I can’t imagine anybody else who could stand up to a 6’9 250lb transphobic-ass kicking machine.

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The design of the combine soldiers itself has been improved a lot: they are objectively better than in half life 2.
Though, I still think that the weapon design is complete bullshit and the situation has not improved with Alyx: every time that I see that retarded m1911 and the retarded mods for it I get so fucking mad.


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