In my country there is problem

In my country there is problem

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and that problem is transport

Oh god, this was almost as bad as that one time my infant grandmuddah was stuffed into a soccer ball when the Nazis wanted to play a few soccer matches.

who was in the wrong here?


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People got the reference. Faith in Yas Forums has been restored

i laughed my ass at that scene at the theater, and several other people did too.

What movie?

You mean it's not meant to be comedic?

what do you think his last thought was before he hit the pavement? I think it was "Oh look! A penny!"

lurk moar

How is reading the 83253252 smash threads made today going to tell me what movie it is?

learn to filter and lurk moar

I've been on this site for over 12 years, though?

Is it The Pianist?

I don't know, why don't you watch it instead of asking about

Do you even know what the word lurk mean? I don't think you do.

The movie gets mentioned on a near daily basis mate.

>I don't know
Then why are you wasting your time and mine? You could've just not replied.

brb. watching every movie ever made to find it.

I don't use reddit Yas Forums or Yas Forums, so unless it is talked about in said smash threads, no it isn't.

I do know what movie it is, I was just fucking with you :^)

dilate you fucking nigger

No, it doesn't.

not hard to find a movie based on the scenes parameters

>I don't use reddit Yas Forums or Yas Forums, so unless it is talked about in said smash threads, no it isn't.
You only go to Smash threads? How pathetic.
Yeah it does. That webm alone gets reposted multiple times a day.

Cool, very smart :^)

No, it doesn't. I visit this board daily and it's the first time I see it.

Try again ESLfag. If you try looking a bit outside your nazi safe space, that could be fun as well.

>tfw hate kikes but genuinely love Uncharted and The Last of Us

Am I the only one? I want to participate in Druckmann hate threads but will probably still buy the game day one

>type in events from the scene into google
>movie pops up second result in
So hard :^)
Don't use Yas Forums or Yas Forums so I don't know what you're talking about. I use moot's favourite board usually.

This is an interesting way to shill. Well done. The sequel looks like shit regardless if you liked the first one or not.

This is Trump's America...

Okay, so what is the movie?

Jewish German here, this is legit giving me anxiety. How can you guys laugh at this shit?

Because we're not little bitches.

t. sudaca that laughs at helicopter jokes

The Pianist

Lmfao. Dilate, seethe, and cope, trannies.

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Try again ESLfag. You don't seem to understand your mistake yet.


Truly you are the continued death of this board
lol don't care



>Truly you are the continued death of this board

Because scenes like this only highlight the absurdity of it all.

Kung Pow, duh

keep crying esl monkey ass coping trannyger

Nigga, there is a Naruto thread on the first page of Yas Forums right this instant. You are no one to talk.

Truly the perfect example of an idiot in his little safe space.

>keep [headcanon]
Okay retard
>implying I use Yas Forums
I said moot's favourite board retarded newfag.

back you go tranny

If this is what you think you are doing, then either you are much worse at english than i thought. Or you are even more stupid than the very, very low point i had you at before now.

So long gay bowser!


>an actual /jp/edo

throw the jew down the well

>liking a game is shilling now

And that problem is the Jew.
He takes everybody money, and never give it back.

>If [headcanon]
Okay retard
What's wrong with that?

and that problem is FUCKING CISHET WHITE MALES



which one israel or usa?

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Truly delusional. Sasuga Nazi-kun.

because our government's brainwashing isnt as effective as yours

Yep, death of the board.
I'm not a delusional Yas Forumsfag, kay?

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I like Israel

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good denounce being jewish and regrow your foreskin or face the coming consequences.