Why is this allowed?

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you know those items are in your game too right?
don't go online if you don't want to get curbstomped

i aspire to be the right side when elden ring comes out.

If you restored humanity then you should have at least one friendly phantom with you if you aren't a retard

Only gay niggers co op

ez game

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guys I cant kill the skeletons in the area after the tutorial they are too strong

>when elden ring comes out.
I'll be surprised if you're even allowed to invade in Elden Ring.
Dark Souls 3 has the most neutered invasion balance on the entire series, and that cancerous system was added into Dark Souls Recucked.

If I'm starting a new build and I forgot to play offline and get invaded by twinks I disconnect in hopes they send me Hatemail.


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>Dark Souls 3 has the most neutered invasion balance on the entire series

Sad but true. Ds3 was very noob-friendly.

>add souls to him via cheat
>he gets autobanned by system

killing immortal hackers on my dark souls 2 character by greatsword golfswinging them off cliffs was some good shit

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And it's the most popular and beloved in the series.

>Play DS2
>Join Blue Covenant, the one that gets summoned to help newbs when they get ganked
>Wait near the Ornstein boss fight
>Move game to second monitor and do some work. As soon as I'm summoned or invaded my music stops, so I'll be notified
>If it's an invasion, just wait for them to spawn, then walk backwards into the Fog-Gate. Zoning in disconnects them from my world
>Get the same guys invading me over and over sometimes, wave/bow to them as they spawn, they chase and throw magic at me, but they can never beat me to that Fog Gate

Good times, good times.

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It's also amusing to Dried Finger in Harvest Valley and just sit Bowing at the Sunlight Alter

>Do a SL1 run
>make it all the way to twin fag brothers
>soul memory takes into account gear, so it was all for naught

I just want to kill people early in the game like in the demon's souls days

How is it any more noob friendly than the other games? Except for Sekiro, they all seem equally noob friendly to me.

I've been semi-coaching my daughter (10) through some of the games.

She barely killed Taurus Demon and can't really make any progress since.
Can't really make any progress
Killed Vordt, Crystal Sage, and has nearly made it to Deacons Boss a couple times.

3 is very easy compared to the others

>Some fucker ganks me
>Plays hide and go seek among the mobs, and it's NG+ so the mobs include red-phantoms
>Pop seed

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Meant to put DaS2 second.

Your daughter is mentally retarded as are you for making this make believe post

I think 3 has a greater allowance for friendly phantoms and the bonfire spacing plus ember mechanics means that you expose yourself less to invaders overall on top of that

>overerdone reddit profanity
Haha so funny

It has a much lower skill cap and was less punishing for lower experienced players. There are countless videos out there of DaS1 top tier pvp players doing insane shit and completely humiliating noobs, something you couldn't do in DaS3.

You mean as she got older and played more of the games, she got better at them? no shit.

>get invaded
>wait around for 20 seconds
>invader phantom comes running
>instantly recognize it's some minmax build that purposefully avoids leveling up to get late game gear and materials and invade lower level areas
>Run around for a bit to waste their time
>GFWL: New message from butthurt invader
>"hahaha fucking faggot can't even handle being invaded because you suck dick at the game ahahahahahahaha"

This is the only thing I miss about GFWL, the rage mail.

>Pop seed
Seed trolling is actually super good in 3.
Hide in a very empty nothing out of the way spot with Obscuring Ring.
Sit in the Way of the Blue covenant on a high NG+ cycle.

She hasn't progressed through them over the years.
I've just had her try each game cause she sees my playing them and wanted to try.

Can't twink.

still better than dark souls 3 fog gates

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*whips out curse dagger*

yes, i forgot how DS1 was completely unbeatable due to twink invasions the 2 times i used a humanity.

>game has theme of how encounters with other humans in the dead kingdom inevitably lead toward treachery or sorrow
>some have fallen as low as to actively hunt down the few un-hollowed and steal their humanity for themselves
>the moments you cross paths with anyone benevolently are incredibly few and fleeting
>to have such encounters requires you to open yourself to invasion, further hammering in the theme of tenuous encounters and treachery

>other players participate in this in the same exact way as the NPCs
>they go on to not realize their cowardice and unwillingness to become human as to avoid future invasions further plays into the game's themes

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Git Gud

because they chose to go online

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DS3 invader chads report in.

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im pretty sure das3 does a better job of showing signs so it's a lot easier to find summons. also, iirc, invaders are prioritized to worlds with summons so you'll end up facing gank squads more often, allowing solo players to go human without much worry.