Buying a new laptop. My budget is 1200. I've narrowed it down to 3 laptops. This MSI with a RTX 2060 (6GB of vram)...

Buying a new laptop. My budget is 1200. I've narrowed it down to 3 laptops. This MSI with a RTX 2060 (6GB of vram), an Intel I7-9750h, 16gb RAM and a 512gb ssd.

Or this ASUS TUF also with an RTX 2060 and 16 GB of RAM but with an AMD Ryzen 7 4800H with a TB of ssd.

Or this Evoo 17" from walmart that has similar specs to the MSI but with a 1TB SSD

I've also never bought from avadirect so I don't know how reputable they are.

If you have any other recommendations in my budget I'm more than willing to look. Thanks ahead of time.

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>gaming laptop

Why? Do you find yourself travelling a lot?

Build a PC
If you need something for in the classroom get something cheap for that

Build a gaming PC and use the remaining money to buy a Thinkpad for class. /tpg/ on /g/ can assist you on which thinkpad is best for you.

Don't get a gaming laptop. If you do, get a Eurocom/Sager/Clevo or buy used.

almost anything you get nowadays is great, highest priority being build quality and cooling. having a good screen is important too.

I do LAN parties with my friends and I don't want to haul a desktop PC with me all the time. I looking at either the msi or the evoo honestly

don't listen to these dipshits saying to build a PC if you actually need something to use outside of gaming. I'm going to imagine portability is more important than what's under the hood. As someone who does a bunch of traveling myself, you're not gonna want something that's crazy heavy or even anything 17".

>don't want to haul a desktop
completely relatable. understand that you're going to be giving up GRAPHICS and there isn't really a way around it

Simple, just host the LAN party.

I have that Asus one. It's pretty good once you remove all the win10 bloat

Rule out the MSI, you'll find a 1TB SSD to be very important.

I just want to run games at mid high at solid frames. I'd rather have portability. Plus, my apartment is smaller.

>wasting your trumpbux on a laptop

I'm not using my stimulus on this, I paid my rent in advance with that

Fair enough. I'm leaning towards the ASUS, but I haven't heard of the merchant. The MSI from Newegg is the safe bet.

OP, the asus is prob the one you're looking for.
This is a computer I bring to LANs I don't host. It's a toaster but I only paid 400 because I worked at best buy at the time. I primarily play fighting games which aren't graphics intensive or do video and audio editing for a podcast. I can play Monster Hunter World at 60+ if I turn the resolution down a bit but I'm at the point now where games are starting to look bad if they're poorly optimized or I don't really fiddle with the settings.

Another option to look into is an external GPU which can quickly solve any cooling issues and improves your performance a good bit, at the cost of slightly more bulk of mobility. very good for LAN parties and travelling without sacrificing performance per dollar.

Gaming laptops are a scam. Not only are they not that great at performance but they age horribly and there are tons of problems with them. Get a high end non gamer oriented one instead from a reputable brand. You're gonna get a worse graphics chip but at least the thing will have uses outside your little hobby. It's not like you're going to play anything else than shitty popular multiplayer games that run on toasters anyway.

How does the ryzen 7 compare to the i7?

Bus the Lenovo Legion y540 with gtx 1660ti, i5 9300h and 144hz Display, the Laptop is extremely thin but cools extremely good, don’t buy an I7 or rtx chip, it will melt your laptop!

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Don't bother with laptops so you don't have to waste your lifeforce on fucking with Optimus, fuck Optimus, it's a constant problem when it arbitrary decides which game detects your GPU and which doesn't, or you have to edit your drivers before installation for them to even fucking work with your laptop model / GPU combination because you wanted drivers version that wasn't shipped with your laptop in particular.

Yeah, but I wanna play Escape From Tarkov with friends, ideally one of these laptops will allow that.

t. is going to take his laptop to 5 lan parties until it's old and slow
Maybe you're the unicorn that can actually make use of their gayman laptop out of the troves of people that just think they need the mobility

my gaming laptop keeps my balls warm
yes I know I'm probably sterile at this point

OP as useful as external GPU may be, you're gonna look like a fucking goon if you have a giant think coming out of your shit. Consider the real estate you're taking up and all the set up you're gonna need to do just to play runescape in 4K

I have a laptop fan stand thingamajig, will that cool it enough?

You will lose out on a lot of things but gaming laptops are pretty sweet for travel
Also go with the MSI, theres too many question marks related to the EVOO and Ive had an Asus gaming laptop before and it died right after RMA period so I bought an alienware that held up for 3 years and upgraded to a newer model a couple months ago

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Build a PC.

If you have to get a laptop, wait until more laptops come out with the Ryzen 4800 CPU's. They perform better than any mobile Intel CPU despite being lower clocked.
>Hurr durr Poor-zen!
Look up the benchmarks if you don't believe me.

I'm just leary of the security vulnerabilities and performance limiting patches to fix them that have happened with Intel lately, and I've been very happy with the Ryzen in my desktop.

1660ti my son, check the benchmarks

>gaming laptop
if you really want portability just build a mini itx build

You sound like a friend of mine. Despite everything I tell him he STILL insists on getting a fucking laptop. They’re shit. Don’t buy one. Either build a desktop or don’t waste your time and money.

Up until this pandemic, we were doing LAN parties once or twice a week, we're still playing Insurgency after this long, so I'm not too worried.

>gaming laptop
Don't fall for this scam. They're overheating pieces of shit.

ITX faggot

oh that's nice, godspeed
I can't help you because laptop CPUs are some arcane shit

You are wrong, I’m using my gaming laptop since 1 year and everything works perfectly fine, I’m mostly playing Tarkov, hon, sikero and VR games pavlov alyx etc

Seconding this. If you must go laptop for gaming, you could do a lot worse than this model

Means nothing. My old laptop would regularly hit 85-90C under pressure and still lasted 6 years without any bigger issues, now my dad is using it after I upgraded to a PC. Laptops just hit higher temps than PCs on average and there is nothing you can really do about it.

Yeah, but I want one. I don't have the space for a desktop otherwise that is exactly what I'd do. I live with my girlfriend in a one bedroom apartment and we share a desk.

Asus makes the best laptops.
Also 4800H and HS are currently the very best Mobile Cpu's.

Move out instead of wasting money on laptops and avocado sandwiches then.

Not op. Redpill me on ITX builds. I'm a caveman and I don't know what ITX means

I prefer getting laid consistently and she pays for her own avocado shit.

just a mobo form factor, atx,matx,itx etc

stick your head in a trash compactor

don't get roped in by tech illiterates on Yas Forums.
ITX's comes at the expense of very limited TDP.
A laptop will still blow it out of the water with smaller integrated components.

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My friend bought an Evoo and was surprised by how well it performed. Also he can just take it back to Walmart if it shits out.

>nothing you can really do about it
ThrottleStop and running fans at max RPMs with good airflow from raising the laptop up so it can breathe underneath