How would this make you feel?

How would this make you feel?

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Feel like getting it dry again huh?

go back

you can still pick up battlechests for like 15 bucks. cry moar, faggot

if they actually cared about it, it would have been on a shelf in a case inaccessible to children of the tape-and-glue age range.

It's okay, I love her.

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>being old enough to have a physical copy of d2
>while also having a younger sibling who's at a development stage where they cover random objects in glue

nani the fuck

Bait post, literally all you need is your CD key to play this game

Honestly, depending on how old she is, it almost seems like the little sister was trying to preserve the disk, by encasing it in glue and tape. You know, using a 6 year olds logic.

Kids are fucked up. At least this wasnt the sistene chapel or someshit.

Put the disk back in my booklet case thing and boot up my no-cd digital copy

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I don't know why exactly but until you two said something I was assuming we're talking about a grown woman just being a dick to her older brother who actually owned that disk for the past 20 years.

I hope that poster was awarded some reddit gold for sharing that tragedy with the rest of the community.

reddit moment

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>barely anyone calling out the r*ddit faggot
Of you don't shame OP, kill yourself.

those people are old enough that the kid is guaranteed to have downs or something

>How would this make you feel?
Dont care ive got everything on digital backup mirrored as additional backup

Hording useless trash is for faggots

Indifferent. Several different solvents get glue and tape residue off plastic without damaging it.

Its just a video game, I would laugh it off and beat up my sister afterwards haha

who cares, just pirate it
the battlechests can still be bought in stores if you're that desperate for physical

Seeing battlechests in stores makes my heart ache a bit every time.

sexually angry

>having a sister

Like you need to go back

I would've raped her as punishment. Only if she was of legal age of course, since I'm not a pedophile.

Imagine still caring about Diablo

women are soulless monsters.

Same here, I'm kinda weirded out now because this implies this is a teenager who went on ebay or someshit and bought a Diablo 2 jewel case or, even worse, a box with all the shit that came with it back in the day for way too much money. brb gonna check ebay prices

i would fucking KILL that BITCH...

I would SPLIT her in TWO with my DICK...