What is your favorite fighting game? Also which table would you sit at?

What is your favorite fighting game? Also which table would you sit at?

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Melty Blood
Table 4

What's the easiest and best way to get into fighting games?

Either Arcana Heart 3 Lovemax or Blazblue CS EX.

Right now? TFH because of new toy syndrome
We'll see if I still like it more than KI in a week though.
10, and I'm going to drop my fork and have to duck under the table to pick it up constantly

1. Find a game where the matches you see online look cool.
2. Find a character you like in that game that looks cool.
3. Try the game's tutorial/combo trials with that character
4. Actually hit the training room to figure out what that character does
5. Go online and get ass clapped
6. Figure out why you got ass clapped and adjust
7. After you've tried figuring stuff out on your own hit the discords/wikis/forums/whatever for your character and absorb more info

bloodcell counterguage
9, they look like a couple of cool dudes

10, literally all my mains are on it.
and yes, i pick up a main following the heart of my dick.

Smash but since I know purists won't consider it a "real" fighting game then Soul Calibur. Also I'm sitting at table 6 for reasons

Depends what kind of game you're looking for
Basically, start playing, practice what you're worst at, play more, repeat
Anything more specific varies whether you're trying to play Street Fighter or Tekken or anime games.

Imagine having to put this much effort into a video game just because the other people who play it are no-life losers.

Guilty gear

cmon good table

Table 1 has my SF and DS character so 1

>Either Arcana Heart 3 Lovemax or Blazblue CS EX.
Pic related, those exact games, which is a weird feeling but also nice to see. Though I'd sit at 2 because Karin.
Who do you play? For Arcana Heart I do Dorothy and Elsa, for BB Valkenhayn and I wish I was less shit at Hazama

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Rich people table so i can become friends with Robert and Ken or at least work for Karin or Geese

Soul Calibur

>Blazblue CS EX.
I feel the same way. Central fiction was a step bit too far in changes I felt and I could not get into it at all

my favorite is Waku Waku 7
i would lean towards Table 8, but i would instantly start bullying Andy with my pals Kim and Nash

Smash Ultimate tied with Soul Calibur 1
Table 10

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>no Juri
>no Makoto
Eh, I'll just go outside.

For me it was seeing this guy play cervantes

The easiest way is to have a friend who already plays a fighting game and would like to play with you.
But this is simultanously the hardest way

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Soul Cal was pretty nice from what I played of it. BB Cross Tag got my interest when it was revealed because it's got the P4 cast in it, but the rest of the roster looks cool too. Might end up trying Under Night because of it, Akatsuki and Carmine look pretty fun to play as.
Table 2 or 4.

>Waku Waku 7
Fucking based

I'm sitting with the cool kids.

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Table 4
doa2u & under night

7 so I can bound through the common passion for wrestling.

Which table do you sit with Yas Forums?

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Kill yourself coomer.

This one is really easy, it's obviously table 8

in the bathroom by myself just like in High school and Grade school