What does Yas Forums think of EFT?

What does Yas Forums think of EFT?

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is the game still shit since the last update which a lot of people hate?

Too steep of a learning curve for 85% of people, but still lots of fun if you're able to squad up with buddies.

It was never shit people were just too bitchy that the game is hardcore and realistic.

(As can be)

I guess it is pretty difficult but once you cover some important basics it's easy to get into

Pretty good, but not finished yet.
Worst thing that happend was the ton of streamer/twitch-attention it has gotten around the change of the year and the zoomers this flushed into. But they're all playing Warzone now, so the dust is settling rn.
There'll be a wipe in a month or so, if you would like to start playing, start after the wipe when no one has a thermal anymore and everyone is runnig around with Veprs

As long as the performance in that game stays garbage the game will be garbage.

This. Shit is hilarius with buddies. With 5 people friendly fire is almost always happening.

Very cool concept, eh execution
Difficulty curve is all backwards, very hard to learn because there's so much shit to know about and ingame makes everything arcane, but it's actually easy once you know what you're doing, plus there's absolute garbage things like skills that make shit easier as you play more for no reason
Technical side is very spotty, sounds shit but gets better in next update hopefully, performance is garbo especially on some maps
12.6 coming within the month is going to be a big improvement
But generally they're working on it

>performance is bad
Really? I never had any issues with my mid tier PC. This shit runs 300% better than pubg while it also looks 300% better.

It's shit.

Great game. Unique concept with some albeit spotty execution. Very much looking forward to the future development.

You will die to bullshit A LOT. But when it all comes together, a good raid in Tarkov is more satisfying than a match of any other shooter on the market today. Some of the most intense shootouts I've ever had in FPS gaming.

try playing reserve, even top tier rigs shit the bed on that map
Also scoping in with their pip rendering shits over performance, but last patch apparently improved that, haven't played yet

I love the idea, concept and execution but every time I play it I die of stress and anxiety and end up not playing it

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also you just know Nikita is going to absolutely ruin the game to fulfil his unrealistic vision that will never happen

"Where the fuck are you guys"

Every fucking raid

cool game filled with little phone game timers and grinds for no good reason

>proceeds to light you up before you could even answer
good times

I don't know personally how low framerate you can tolerate but if I'm going to play with 50 to 60 fps on some of the big maps with drops to 30 to 40 with the damn scope while I have a Ryzen 5 2600 and RTX 2080. This game is fucking dogshit.
This dumb russian dev cant even make the game run at a stable 60 framerate on higher end rigs.

>Bro I cant run with 150kg on my back, shit game.
Fuck off zoomer

>90% of the game is soundwhoring since lol 0.01s ttk
>sound is fucking garbage
please don't fuck the steam sound thing up

>ignores the super soldier RPG stats that make guns recoilless, you sprint longer, you jump farther allowing you to bhop around corners, throw grenades farther

I agree those things are stupid but they will change it very soon as Nikita said in recent podcasts. Just like the rest of the shit that is going to be reworked, most of the shit is place holder until they redo it.

The game is pretentious and fiddly in execution. for what ultimately amounts to boring shootouts.

the worst thing is how the handled it. there's a problem of people getting outside the map so they can grind the skills in peace without anybody killing them allowing them to max out the skills in hours where of how the average player wouldn't even get to half leveled in the skills. battlestate reset everyone's skills, made them harder to level, and patched the known world holes. the exploiters found another hole after the patch and were back in business except it would take them longer. the people who got the ass end of the stick were the average players who now can't compete with the supersoldiers

the RPG stats giving such an advantage is for the benefit of streamers who are the game's major point of advertising. the streamers are able to perform feats that the average player would be incapable of and the retards watching would be none the wiser.

the game had skills long before it blew up in streamerland

it only blew up when they added drops to the streams so every smart player would just afk the steams for free shit like lab keycards, red rebels, etc.

the skills exist to give advantages to the players who can waste tremendous amounts of time playing the game: streamers.

The skills exist because nikita is actually shit at game design and tarkov being fun at all is a happy little mistake

the learning curve makes the game better, it filters most of the fortniggers that play games these days. It just needs more guns and a skill rework and it'll be perfect

Great game with a fuckton of bugs and a meh devs that can't fix their shit. Best weapon porn I've seen in games ever. Best shooting sounds.

>the learning curve makes the game better,
About every single piece of difficulty is frontloaded
>guns and attachments
have fun looking up how bullet mechanics work, what bullets and armors are even worthwhile, because ingame doesn't tell you shit and most is worthless garbage
The richer you get, the easier the gunplay gets as you get 32 recoil M4s that play the game for you where you can just full auto 50 rounds in the general direction of the enemy
Literally more time played means game gets easier with no improvement necessary on the player part, your gun just controls the horizontal recoil for you
Unlock traders to get shit for cheaper, get passive income through the hideout, learn what items are worth picking up and where to go for good loot
Have fun learning all the spawns because otherwise your raids last 10 seconds because lol lets spawn pmc right in LOS of each other

>Know someone that literally can't fucking play and talk at the same time
>In the middle of a fight
>Guy runs out looking in my team's direction, looks like he's searching
>"Hey is that you on top of the hill?"
>Give him 5 whole fucking seconds in a gunfight
>Guy stands dead still
People that refuse to answer deserve the bullet desu, it's one thing if you shoot without asking, it's another if you refuse to say anything during a gunfight, I can't read your fucking mind.