Would games be better if they had more yuri in them?

Would games be better if they had more yuri in them?

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Can girls love girls?

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It's the only thing that can actually be called love.

Everything is better with more yuri

Who is yuri?

Yuri is gross

obviously yes

yuri is sooooo boring oh my god im falling asle- SNOOOOOOOOORE

only if they are 2D

Would Yas Forums be better without stupid ass coomer threads?


Yuri is pure.

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Fuck off of Yas Forums you degenerate yurifags.

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What are some good /u/ games bros? I have an itch

>fapping to yuri

And yes, it would be better.


Men are boring. Women are more interesting so Yuri is best

Diversity in romance options would be appreciated, yes.

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Said the boring ass tranny

Why does yuri trigger you literal faggots so much?

What yuri games are you playing, Yas Forums?

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Apparently A Summer's End - Hong Kong 1986 is a short but good yuri game

Yuri'd be better if it had me in it

Go back to your HxH threads, Yas Forumsfag

Haha it'd be a shame if she accidentally stumbled round and grabbed that defenceless tummy on the right haha

It's more likely she will grab on to the boobs

No because nothing about a game is affected by anything that isn't gameplay.

A good game is not a worse game because the story is shit and vice versa.

Like the cock, do you?

Rabi Ribi, unless you meant yuri VNs, of which there are tons.