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fucking loved beetle guy
i wish more games let you play as beetle people

Excuse me?

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>actually showing the ancient mysterious race, let alone fucking giving you one as a companion

biggest fuckup of ME honestly

He was the best part of ME3.

I like it because it makes Liara sad

>him blowing liara the fuck out over and over on the thessia mission

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did it seem like to anyone else they just did a massive rehash of the rakatans from KOTOR for these guys?

was he an actual prothean or just one of the empires assimilated races?

>Stand amongst the ashes of a trillion dead souls, and ask the ghosts if honor matters. The silence is your answer

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He had a very high rank so I assume he was OG Prothean.


muh rannoch

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Giving a face to ancient alien precursors is always a retarded idea. It was dumb in Halo and it was dumb in ME

OG Prothean. OG Protheans got turned into the Collectors. Also what said.

One of the best characters, shame he got fucked by being in a mediocre game. Somewhat of a shame that ME3 suffered the same fate as ME2 - mostly good characters, bad story.

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>mfw Beef McLarge Huge actually ended up being a good character
was this the biggest twist of ME3?

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you som bish

I hated him initially because he took up a squad slot that could’ve been given to Wrex or jack or someone but honestly over time he’s actually pretty good

>just a normal bro
what a fucking bro, if only he was some kind of cool alien

Hell, most people still don't know it.

what a quarian says when he does not understand. this expression indicates the quarians confusion and lack of understanding. when confronted with the reality of free will in an AI, and the consequences of trying to enslave them, a quarian will mumble "muh rannoch" or "muh rannoch muthafucka." this is usually followed by being genocided and forced to exist for centuries as refugees aboard decaying starships.

If only we'd met one of them, in the previous games, to fill up that slot.


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>Simpletons actually think this line is cool
The answer is yes, they are dead because of a lack of honor. See WW1 to understand how poorly that retarded drivel holds up.

I was just thinking about Mass Effect. I will say, I think having a Prothean squadmate is utterly retarded, but at least they gave Javik an fun personality. He's kind of won me over.

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Was he killed off because the Quarian/Dark Energy plot died or did they kill him off for "" "" personal"""" reasons.

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It was not necessary to feature them havily in the games after ME1. They'd had a nice arc and send off in that game. Most especially when they retconned the Protheans into... those... things... as opposed to the more Cthulu-esque design presented in ME1. Walters should have just come up with a new race or something.

>Laughs in Leviathan

Just laziness and rushed development.

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Her face is busted breh

Why does she have dark brown hair in ME2 and then black hair in ME3?

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>ME1 and 2 codex makes them look like space jockeys
>go completely 180 and make em look different

This thread has been given to the Krogan by the council to help with our expansion, please leave

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I will get a femquar pregnant. I will feel a human baby grow in her belly. Nothing gets me hotter than fertile quarian women eager to BREED

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