Why aren't you playing Titanfall?

why aren't you playing Titanfall?

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I've unlocked everything I want and put hundreds of hours into it already

I want to play so badly, but Titanfall 2 on PC is practically dead. PS4 has loads of players thanks to the game being free on PS plus, but I hate playing this game with a controller.

It didn't come to Steam.

Played it for ~300 hourss already. Done with that game pretty much. None of my friends plays it

not a call of duty fan


Im not going to blow my nonexistent money on a game this obscure.

too dead

have to play apex instead but movement isnt there.

I've never played TF2 but from what I've seen of its gameplay you'd be better off playing TF2 (2007), CSGO, Quake, or MW. Apex, as a BR, is fundamentally a different style of shooter from TF.

In what region do you play? Europe/Russia/NA has a steady 1500-2500 players at all times. Longest I had to wait for a match was 2 minutes, usually it's 10-30 seconds, and matches are usually available in most game mods- including the more niche ones like capture the flag and hold the ball.

looks to complicated
i'll stick to valorant

>tfw ragequit at the end of every match I don't do better than my average k/d so it doesn't show up on my stats
am I the only one

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I don't find it fun.

It's just a dogshit COD clone. I play real mech games.


This, fuck EA.

I'd rather rip my dick off and jam it up my own ass than install origin

it's on origin
I'm boycotting ea since like 2012

I actually like Modern Warfare

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That mentality is illogical; all that matters is that you know how bad you are, and you're going to feel even worse because you ran away instead of accepting your skill level. Who gives a shit what other people think of your K:D?

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I put in a few hundred hours and got my fill. Its one of my favorite games ever but I don't see any reason to keep playing

I played the better one and can't adjust to the clunkier but streamer accepted version

Because my PC can't run it and sony expects me to pay to play online
Campaign was fun though

>people using the EMP 1 shot gun and not the vastly superior EVA-8 that requires you to use your movement to the maximum to get in close and skullfuck your opponents

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I need to check if it's still alive in Australia or not. I was late to the party, way too late, but it's still one of my absolute favorite multiplayer shooters ever. I picked up the Modern Warfare reboot recently on sale and while it's not terrible, the engine is spectacular and almost worth trying it for alone, everything mechanical just made me wish I was playing Titanfall 2.

I give a shit
I refuse to accept worse than what I know I can do

>gets owned by rifles
what did they mean by this

Those were both on the tail end of their danger zone health bar where they're much weaker than normal anyway, he was essentially just yoinking the kills.
You see how the health bar has a black and yellow warning pattern? That means the titan is 'doomed', so any titan melee will initiate a kill animation and the pilot has the option to eject to cause a core breach and get clear faster, rather than going down with it or getting out normally.

that's a burst fire grenade launcher