Alright your job is to make this game as horrible as possible, what do you do?

Alright your job is to make this game as horrible as possible, what do you do?

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Let Bethesda handle it

Let Bethesda make it

remove mod support

Make character gender a slider

Let Bethesda develop it


fuck up the timeline

Everybody at this point knows it's just going to be Fallout 4: Part 2: Elder Scrolls Total Conversion Mod. What else can you do?

all stats and attributes removed

add crafting and base building

Use the same shitty engine, add even more duct-tape code to gamebryo to try and squeeze even more out of this poor engine that barely functions on modern systems anymore without mods.

I just don't interfere whatsoever.

All quest are radiant

Fallout 4 was a badly designed game and nothing like the trailers. Now that Bethesda had its time in the sun after the miserable launch that was Fallout 76 people are waking up to Todd Howard and his band of SJWs.

Online only no NPCs.

>band of SJWs.
I don't think they are sjws just lazy and incompetent

Open World

remove tits from female khajits and argonians

Voiced protag

Empire has completely fallen

No mention of towers at all

Radiant retardation

Letting the guy who designed the armor for Fallout 4 anywhere near it.

Armor slot are only helmet and body

oh please. a new elder scrolls would immediately give everyone amnesia. too bad we'll be lucky to see it this decade.

>Make this game as horrible as possible, what do you do?
Emil Pagliarulo is the lead writer, designer and game director.

Do every shitty thing Bethesda has done so far, do more of it, and put them into one game.

>Limited number of npcs in game world
>Always online multiplayer integrated into main experience
>Procedurally generated quests for everything but main story
>Paid "mods" out the wazoo
>S E T T L E M E N T S
>Console-oriented controls
>Bad dialogue
>Five or six voice actors for the entire game
>Legendary weapons with no uniques
>Stiff animation
>Reuse as many assets as possible
>Plot holes everywhere
>Single companions with no option for larger parties
>Randomized loot tables for everything

Also, take out the last few good things:

>Zero mod support
>Less interactive game world (no more picking up random objects and playing around with them)
>Not open world: linear
>Fewer little vignettes in the game world
>Skills removed
>Perks automatically unlocked as you level

That's about all I can think of.

>voiced protag

good list but you forgot the mobile timer mechanics from Blades.

Get a committee to control important design decisions based on market research.


>Empire has completely fallen

1) Tie the game to Bethesda account.

2) Paid mods only.

3) Add even MORE bugs and unfinished things.

4) Use the same shitty engine.

5) Dumb down the skill system even more. Now things just auto-level this time!

6) Always online with microtransactions.

Fuck! If I keep going, I could be here all day!

>band of sjw
We are talking about Bethesda not naughty dog