What went wrong for overwatch?

what went wrong for overwatch?

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Blunderwatch 2 dead on arrival

Stop asking the same fucking question everyday. Shut the fuck up.

looks like some failed weird hybrid of moot and hiro

E-Sports works best when it is grassroots

Isn't Valorant just reskinned CS? Seems like the CS pros would have a better time taking riots money than OW pros

Vomit soup of bad ideas. I remember reading things like Widow's and Soldier 76's ults were inspired by wallhacks and autoaim.

as if thats supposed to be good design.

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Witch-hunting people for being wrongthinkers

SJW ridden game
bad character designs
10 min queue comp

Mvp during goat era, he basically tank main

CS pros think the game is dumb and have no interest

Blizzard cannot grasp the concept of grassroots. They must have complete and utter control over the scene, which is why they always end up stifling its growth or outright killing it. They'll never get over the fact that they missed out on the moba genre and OG Starcraft scenes. Literally billions of missed profits, which is why they build everything from the ground up so that they can have complete control over it. But, this is the exact reason why they'll never give birth to hits like OG Starcraft and the MOBA genre e-sport scenes.

need to start adding more sexy characters
the porn was the only thing keeping OW in peoples minds

esports is a meme unless its a grassroots thing

He already achieved the highest possible recognition you could in that game. Won the last championship, voted MVP, every viewer only talking about him, carried the team, etc.

He's got nothing left to prove and said he doesn't enjoy playing OW anymore. Probably thinks Valorant will be huge so better to start early. Stream money is worth more than org/championship money anyways.

Ayyy lmao

and they'll still go to where the money is. E-sports is a career path to a lot of them, not a hobby.

They already added the sexiest character

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Moth is the real mvp in SF, to bad the guy who give the reward is plat player

do people seriously quit a video game because some e-celeb was lured away to another game?

What a shit game, glad to see it's dead now.

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Valorant is going straight into the gutter too as soon as it actually releases


hordes of zoomers will flock to it because their favorite youtube shill plays it

>what went wrong for overwatch?
Making everyone gay.

>from one cheap shitty bland flavour of the whatever pseudo-weaboo casual non-game to the next one
what a surprise

Because Ovewatch meta just not stable, you could be god tier this season, next season you be dogshit

people want stable "esport jobs"

Wrong, chinks have enough money and drones to keep it floating forever, regardless of western interests.

>Game's entire competitive scene is only fueled by throwing tons of cash
>Everyone there is only there because they're being paid
>Surprised that they change games once another game that offers more money comes along

people still play overwatch?

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>playing games which are kept alive by marketing
Both pieces of shit are artificially boosted and discarded the second money stop being poured in.
This nobody moving to valorant means only one thing - it's the same as blunderwatch.

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Prize money

why are his eyes so far apart?

Google "fetal syndrome".

Woah alienware looks like that