Explain to me HOW she is and android again?

Explain to me HOW she is and android again?
I mean which part of her body even screams "android"???
Don't even get me started on that human womb.

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god imagine being overpowered and raped by an android...

She's a cyborg, a human with mechanical parts. She possesses no natural Ki, and instead has biological parts enhanced by mechanical power from a self-perpetuating unlimited energy source. The perfect blend of humanities progress to the future.
Not only does she have a womb, she probably has self-diagnosing nanites to ensure that the child will be entirely free of deformities and be an easy birth.

The inside is robotics. Humanoid biological exterior, robotic interior

He made a wish with the Dragonball to make them humans at the end of the cell saga

>She possesses no natural Ki
Dragonshit. Blades of grass have ki.

They were androids but she was wished out of being one I think, to be "normal" but still retain the android power source.

>tfw no romance missions

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Then how do they still have infinite chakra I mean ki in Super

yea, and they get to keep their superman lazer powers? BS.

17 and 18 were always human, just enchanced. They can still cum and get pregnant

They were only androids in the english dub. They're cyborgs

No, he only wished to remove their bombs.

They have a power similar -to- ki, but it's just energy. It's undetectable by the Z-fighters because it's so overwhelmingly low.

Why didn't they give her name besides Android 18?
Imagine being married to her and introducing her to people as fucking "Android 18"

>They can still cum and get pregnant
You can only do one or another, you moron

That's even more ridiculous with every definition of the term.

For reasons unknown, C18 got changed to Android 18 in English.

They are cyborgs. Cell is an android.
It's just DB characters are legit retarded and call them wrong names.

>They can still cum

And they have limitless stamina so they can cum again and and and again and again.

It's Lazuli.

17 and 18's original names were Lapis and Lazuli.

In Japanese it's literally "artificial human" which gets used for all of Gero's creations, it got translated as Android even though not all of them are straight up robots.

She’s a cyborg. Blame your shitty dub

When she was wished into a human I thought she became 100% natural human organic body again?

How did Krillin satisfy her exactly? She thinks he's cool.

>The term cyborg is not the same thing as bionic, biorobot or android; it applies to an organism that has restored function or enhanced abilities due to the integration of some artificial component or technology that relies on some sort of feedback.[2] While cyborgs are commonly thought of as mammals, including humans, they might also conceivably be any kind of organism.
They're humans that were given cybernetic enhancements, it's correct.

The japanese word for what they are covers androids and cyborgs. The literal translation of the word to english is artificial human, which would have caused some confusion, as the closest english word, would be android. This Androids 17, 18, and 20 being labeled as such when they are actually cyborgs.

>She thinks he's cool.

She doesn't just think he's cool, she thinks he's the raddest motherfucker that ever lived.

Androids 1-16, 19, most of 20 are purely robotic. Cell and 21 are biological androids. 17 and 18 were human enhanced with cybernetics, they're the only ones like that so I guess it was easier to just call all of them androids

women can cum

What tbe fuck is Krillin like in bed holy fuck

licky licky
she sits on his face

They weren't wished to be human, Krillin asked Shenron to remove their bombs.

>Thinking 人造人間 means Android
Do you even deki motherfucker

why is krillin considered the strongest human when android 18, android 17 and Tien could all heem him?

They can't. They orgasm instead

The wish was to get the bomb out of her. Shenron couldn’t turn her human.

Krillin is cool. He knows he's nothing compared to the other Z-Fighters and their enemies but every time the world is in danger he shows up anyway. He's scared out of his fucking mind, but he's still there. He's taken swings at Freeza, Cell and fucking Super Buu.

She never was an android, her and 17 are cyborgs. Androids is a retarded Murrican mistranslation.

shes not an android, cyborg, or artificial human
shes an enhanced human, like master chief
toriyama is a hack

The Destructo disc is fucking rad and can seriously hurt opponents that are way stronger than Krillin.

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I like how the androids just casually have infinite energy generators inside their body. You'd think that'd be massive thing that would revolutionize society, but here it just gets forgotten.