So....was it good?

so....was it good?

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it was unfinished
so no

No, and it never will be.

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>JRPG with no story
It has nothing going for it

>tfw you actually liked it

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Yeah it's fun.

i liked it a lot

its shit

Episode Ignis was a godly dlc

Ignis and Ardyn dlc were fucking based

I had fun with it
Did I like the story? No
Could the game have been better? Fucking definitely
Is it worth playing? Depends

It was alright, but unfinished and needed more work. Comrades was based as fuck.

t. Bought the Royal Edition

I didn't buy the ardyn dlc yet. Is it really as good as the Ignis dlc?

why are there so what happened to a game just being one fucking game.

Not him, but Ardyn DLC isn't worth shit (You can get it for like 3 bucks now on Steam). It literally retcons a bunch of shit, makes Ardyn look like a dindu/Jesus, and makes Ardyn action in-game look really fucking retarded.

I think it's better.

The second wave of DLC seems like the proper DLC we should have gotten in the first place, except for the Noctis/Luna episode that should have been part of the main game.
Having a DLC for each bro was pointless

It has much more potential but turned out so mediocre it hurts

Good ideas, mostly poorly executed and unfinished.


- Road trip.
- Camping to level up.
- Ignis.
- Ardyn was a decent villain with a good backstory.
- DLC improves the game, but should have been there from the beginning.
- Brought back some of the light hearted vibe to Final Fantasy.
- Dat ending.


- Unfinished.
- Wafer thin characters outside the main 4 and villain.
- Absolutely shit battle system with no strategy whatsoever.
- Empty world.
- Having no control over summons.
- Lunafreya.
- First half being full open world with no story / second half being on rails and all story, no exploration.

The director of the game and Square Execs wanted to make FFXV into its own universe like XIII and VII and pushed it hard. This resulted in parts of the game story/universe being made into different forms of media which was bad since the game literally had only 2 years worth of development time in the studio. The director was lying out his ass when he said the game shipped complete.

>Ardyn had a good backstory
>Reee I'm not the king because I absorbed this plague we're not going to talk about until the last hour of the game. Reee
Nah. Ardyn was a shit villain.

The only good part was the ending. They nailed it from when you approach the royal palace, to the final stab. Also the beginning sequence I guess.

Gameplay and in between is meh, aside for Ardyn and Aranea fight.

are things for it still coming out?
i wanted to play it once all the dlcs and shit were done

it was mediocre

I'm playing it right now.
It's ok

Yes it was a good game with good gameplay and a wack story. FFVIIR fags will never admit this game paved the way for theirs. Theyll also never admit both games share a damn near identical combat system, rendering their reason for disliking FFXV null

They should've pulled an FFVII and put all of that in one game. Kingsglaive didn't need a whole movie, it could've been told through flashbacks and side quests

No, they cut out the last 3 dlcs and made them in a novel. So you're good to go.

Uronically still better than other FF villains.

Ardyn DLC was trash

>until the last hour of the game
You weren't collecting the cosmonogy books?

The fun thing is that if you look at the gameplay trailer for Versus 13 the assault on the imperial city was actually playable at first. Then for some reason they just decided to scrap it and make it into a movie.

Its heart was in the right place but it was a half finished mess. Liked the setting, liked the characters, liked some of the broad strokes of the story but it never really came together. It's actually quite sad the development was handled so poorly.

The novel is apparently noncanon

It's very similar to Dragon's Dogma for me.

They could have done what they did with FFXII and had us play through that as Nyx for the tutorial before cutting to Noctis for main story

It was okay. It never felt like a complete experience because of the whole FFXV Universe being a cross-media project.

The character background arcs are in the anime
The inciting incident that kicks off the story is in the movie

Cool idea and an experiment that had to be tried eventually but ultimately too much of an ask for the average player. With all of this together and the DLC to fill the stiry gaps it ended up being alright. It's just clear that it was intended to be a multi-game project that was squeezed into one. Before you even know it, the enemies have been beaten off screen and then it's the future? The good bits are good and the bad bits are forgettable. It's okay.

Still. I'd rather have an experiment that tried and failed than 7R entirely missing the mark and ruining it's own legacy.