Combat is laughably easy when fighting enemies with weaknesses

>Combat is laughably easy when fighting enemies with weaknesses
>When fighting bosses with no weaknesses combat is a Press X RNG simulator

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Nice bait bro

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imagine that, enemies are easier when you know their weaknesses... Is not like every single video game ever made is like, right?

I'm 53 hours into this game. I want to finish it but I am bored to tears at this point.

Sounds like rpgs aren’t for you then OP. Maybe try Mario.

Just finish it bro you only have 50 more hours to go

Most games require an application of skill to exploit weaknesses instead of a simple recall of memory. The problem with the latter is that you can also just look up the answer... it's almost like taking a test. Does it even qualify as gameplay? Seeing what buttons to press and then pressing them? Why does menu-based combat still exist in 2020? I understand the purpose several decades ago, we simply didn't have the computer technology for active combat that involved summoning demons and casting magic spells galore. But now it seems like a crutch that we've grown out of, yet keep using because we forgot that we don't need it anymore

Futaba palace?
If you're not into it by now, you won't be, just give up

I don't think Persona is a masterpiece anything but I at least recognize that the reason enemies go down to weakness so easily is because they, like a lot of JRPGs, aren't meant to be complex encounters but a steady drain on your limited resources. P5 is structured so MP refill items are extremely scarce and the only real way to refresh your MP and Bullets is to leave the palace and thus advance the clock. The strategy isn't in how you deal with fodder enemies but rather the decision-making of how much you can afford to cheese them with their weakness and still have enough resources left for the rest of the dungeon.

I finished that, And I didn't say I wasn't into it. I think it's a great game. It's just entirely too long.

Kasumi romance SL mopped the floor with the rest, i wish the others had the same level of heart put into it.

>But now it seems like a crutch that we've grown out of, yet keep using because we forgot that we don't need it anymore
Basically how I feel about video games.

>4 hours 53 minutes
just no


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I dunno, I like menu-based RPG combat. No idea why, but I much prefer it to real time combat.

yet its the best turned based videogame because without weaknesses other games are only just the press x rng button

literal definition of rent free

Didn't actually need to be five hours but generally right nonetheless.

Unprotected sex with Haru!

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>It's just entirely too long.
if you were into it you wouldn't feel this way. Part of the charm of Persona 5 is that you're a high school student by day and a hero at night. It's living life as a spider-man is the basis. If you're put off by the everyday life then this game is indeed not for you.

Nah, P3 and P4 are the same shit and aren't nearly as much of a slog.

SP refill items are handed out like candy in Persona 5

then I guess it's just a matter of the cast for you or maybe you just want to be contrarian because so far everyone I know who plays Persona loved P5 and Royal. If you liked 3 and 4 but hate 5 I don't know what to tell you.

did you forget that entire month of fucking nothing in P3?
or the utterly pointless gamer creep dungeon in P4?

Not surprised

The story is pointlessly long. I don't give a fuck about your faggot friends think, redditfag.

>4 hours and 53 minutes
quantity over substance

>it's too long
I literally spent the latter half of my Royal (so SECOND) playthrough thinking "I don't want this to end".
You're just a cunt who isn't actually into it.

Imagine buying a DLC shipped with a 3 year old game.

haha yeah...