What the fuck was his problem?

what the fuck was his problem?

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he had to put up with ubisoft shitty writing

He valued loyalty and brotherhood over his own better judgment, which either blinded him to Dutch's growing insanity or made him too proud to leave.

Absolutely no characterization.

He was an ilegal

Wew I thought this was Arno from AC Unity for a minute


Bill has the same problem, you hear everyone say how stupid he is but he never really does anything particularly dumb and in pretty much every missions he's part of, he's just a background character.

Bill also pulls off the only successful heist

Why the fuck did one of the main antagonists from the first game get absolutely no screentime in the prequel?

>tfw the voice actor refused to point the gun at Arthur during that last scene with the gang together

Pretty cool of the devs to actually let that in the scene.

That gets brought up a couple of times at the campfire
He goes on how everyone treats him like shit, he brings up , brings up how Arthur fucks everything up but never gets in trouble for it, and that's he's a raging drunk and a bunch of other shit
I really suggest everyone play through the game and listen to as many campfire moments as possible. Every character gets a lot of backstory and "lore" except unfortunately

>gets saved by Dutch at some point
>decides to be absolutely loyal to him
>when shit starts to go down and Dutch starts to doubt John and Arthur, Javier blindly sides with Dutch
I liked Javie, you go on a few missions with just him and Arthur and it was comfy.
Wish they had made it more clear why he just up and left Dutch to go to Mexico tho.

What's most jarring is that he's this suave guy in RDR2 but then in the first game he's speedy gonzales.

Trelawny's heists mostly go off perfectly (aside from the Saint Denis boat, which Javier and Arthur fucked up) - he's shown to be a much better planner than Dutch.

Arthur wasn’t even there. That’s why he’s able to ask what happened through out the story as an earpiece for the player. John was the one who was there which is why later down the line the grim reaper asks him if he remembers the girl who was murdered by Dutch on the boat

There was a random event in my last RDR2 play through where Bill got arrested and I had to go and break him out, when you get him out Arthur gives him a bit of a hard time about it. Pretty sure it was random, anyway. Never happened on any of my other playthroughs.

He's talking about the mission where you play Poker for REAL money but have to cheat with Strauss
Which you can never go back to which really fucking pisses me off for some reason

What the fuck was her problem?

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All of them have the same problem just to varying degrees. Even Hosea and Lenny died when you just started to like them. Only Arthur gets proper characterization but even then he was static from chapter 1-4.

>dance with me Arthur
i love her so much bros

I genuinely felt sorry for Bill. He seems like he would be a decent enough guy, he's not inherently a massive cock like Micah or Dutch, but hes just got a lot of vices and is easily led. He's a vet who's seen some shit, is just not very smart and really isn't built to live in the world that's being built, so he has nowhere to go. I felt bad that Arthur seemed to bully him a lot, he never really deserved it other than the fact that he's kinda slow.

Now uncle on the other hand, I think it would have been better if the skinners had got him

too cute for the game


Nothing, she's perfect

literally a different character

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I like her but I dont think I ever had a mission with her. I know theres one but I think I missed in my game.
Even when I talked so much with her, theres not much to her character at all besides being the reason Dutchs woman loses her shit.

he saw nothing else besides that life and he was loyal to Dutch. i didnt see much "brotherhood" in him. he probably fr thought that Arthur was with the law and if you remember his back story...

the strong bitch kills the fool

People can change in 10 years user

Micah did nothing wrong.