Do PCbros really

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really what?

Its like getting double cucked because you have to pay a dollar to watch yourself get cucked in game
truly shakespearean

its because we pc players amnnf iewjj akkska

at least we have the option to play porn games you loser

>A Sony California production
finally, a game for true gaymers on PC

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Again OP? You really like to be humilliated don't ya?

That's because on PC you need a simulator. While consolefags get the experience in real life.

something something console something pc something emulate something experience something, etc.

>western ntr

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please be original, we already owned OP that one time we gotta do it again

pc need emulator console experience real thing haha xd benis

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are there any cuck anime VN with black men with BBC?

Not so fast console cucks

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>he's never kicked back with a cold one while some other poor sap does the heavy lifting of pleasing the missus
lmao i pity non-cucks

>no option to prep the bull
>no chastity belts for husband
>no cuck shed with nintendo switch
I'll pass.

Yeah man I really hate freedom too I wish Steam was based in North Korea

>the only way for a PC-fags to have a cuckold experience is to buy a shitty simulator on Steam
master race my ass

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paypigs are actual cucks lmfao. imagine buying video games in the year 2020

Pretty much this.
I only own consoles and I have ACTUAL cuckhold experiences all the time.

OP can get an original reply when he makes an original post.

prbros are never cucks,we cannot experience being a cuck, so we have patented software to simulate the console experience.

You're on Yas Forums, niglet, you think we're actually gonna believe you when you brag about getting some ass?

there needs to be a cucking game on every major console!!!!!

It's more like triple cucking because while also paying to get cucked while the MC gets cucked you are a cuck a second time because you're also watching.

yeah, not everyone can get the real deal like snoys

>how to know a post is made in USA (probably a Californian)

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Consolefags on the other hand don't need a simulator to have the same experience.

So fucking tired of this shit being everywhere.

Seething vanilla beta

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>that description
ESL-kun made this game

not california but i am american and i love bbc

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