This game is criminally underrated. Did it not take off because westerners are retards who don't like puzzles?

This game is criminally underrated. Did it not take off because westerners are retards who don't like puzzles?

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Rin ruined the game, she's so forced and all her scenes feel out of place.

Rin was fine. I don't even care about the gender reveal. Such a wholesome and nice character.

Garbage taste go fuck yourself. Atlus rereleases are universally shit.

i'm gonna buy it when it's out on switch, only for the cute gay boy.

i'll be purchasing and playing this on my Nintendo Switch in the near future don't you worry user. super excited.

>More content bad
Sounds like you're a retard. Game felt way too short with just C and K. Rin adds to the replay factor.

I liked rin. It was a nice change of pace from the lechery that was my first playthrough.

>Full Body


Rin was a dumb addition, because she invalidates the rest of the game by being the cutest girl, having the least baggage, and literally the only negative is that you'd have to adopt or find a surrogate at some point in the future if you wanted kids.

maybe because it's niche game that wasn't very popular then re-released and everyone who was interested already played it decade ago

The original Catherine sold quite well and was kept alive through fighting game tournaments, zoomer

Anons who only played Full Body how's the game?
please no seething vanilacucks answers

too expensive for what it is

>Buying Portlus games in 2020

He's literally like every ditzy moe anime character, the most interesting thing about him is his dick and you fucked up when your character is only known for what's between their legs

Because a normal person sees three anime girls on the cover and thinks "yikes I'm not playing that cringe shit"

>More content bad
>Sounds like you're a retard.

Baldur's gate enhanced edition....

Original was good
Full Body is just trash

I bought a PS3 to play the original. Probably the only game I put hours into on that system.

Rin should've been an alien angel who was completely sexless. That's a far more interesting decision for Vincent, choosing between marriage and a (fake) baby, hedonism with a succ, or a completely platonic relationship where his dick gets burned off if he even flops it down on Rin's shoulder because god is an absolute cunt.

Instead, Rin is just "hedonism but she has a penis", which isn't an issue for 99% of people here.

Alt righties are seething at it because the transgirl has a pee pee

It's as "popular" in the West as it is in Japan, you stupid fucking imbecile.

amazing game Rin is the best route and both game modes are amazing. Anyone who beats classic hard is a true gamer.

Do you mean Catherine or the obligatory Atlus rerelease that casualizes the original?

wanted to play a game where I crawled around on the boobs of giant girls. Disappointed.

You forgot the registered trademark suffix.

What does keeping alive even mean? It's a mainly single player game.

Because it's Japanese Q-bert with trannies.

But Persona 5 Royal is miles better than P3FES and P4Golden

How is "she" forced when you have to do very specific shit to go to "her" route? She literally disappears halfway through the game.

I'll play it when there's an English release on the Vita