Makoto is best girl! People who like Ann have absolutely poor taste in women!

Makoto is best girl! People who like Ann have absolutely poor taste in women!

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I don't like robots. For me it will always be Hifumi. Unless Royal secretly lets you date Yusuke.

>purse owner

Makoto is a alcoholic?

>those wrinkles

Why do white people age like this

Makoto a shit, she stalks, blackmails and puts you into a 3 million yen debt. She's the worst girl.

You are but casual scum, why don't you get a real waifu, like Mitsuru or Yukiko?

She should take responsibility

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Yukiko is a literal hyena in a dress

Is there any reason not to get Persona Royal over Persona 5 or is it a straight improvement/more content?

Unless you don't feel like spending $60 over $20

Why don't you play a real Shin Megumi Tensei game like Nocturne or Strange Journey? Persona 5 is a casual dating sim that panders to lonely waifufags

What makes you think I'm interested in Shin "Megumi" Tensei?

>He made the exact same Makoto thread again

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I think pictures like this are better when they're taken in earnest and not "hey user! pick up that vodka, let me take a picture"

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Shut up, shit taste.
Ann >> Haru = Futaba >>> Makoto excluding side confidants of course, but Makoto is overated.

cute girl

I'm sorry, I forgot you played Persona for the visual novel elements and that you only wanted to feel good with virtual friends in a comfortable atmosphere. Shin Megami Tensei and Persona 1 2 would be unappealing to you, as they are too hardcore with their RPG dungeon crawling

I don't like Makoto but I would 100% date and marry that qt cosplayer

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Makoto is exclusively for anal except when she needs to be impregnated.

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Don't mind me just posting the superior Makoto

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me see pantyhose me coom

still to this day i would like to know the context of this picture.

>Depressed teenager becomes God
Damn, I miss this game.

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More like a fucking door

>Attention fellow students! I do not know who is spreading these awful rumors about me abusing my privileges as student council president to have sexual intercourse with the transfer student in the student council room after school but they are most certainly not true.
>We always make sure to use a condom or use my butt so these rumors about my semen filled womb dripping all over the hallways are completely baseless.
>Thank you for your time, please remember to properly dispose of the litter before you finish up for today.

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>Well guys... I guess the secret's out. Me and Makoto have been dating. I hope our relationship status doesn't effect all of us as Phantom Thieves. Strictly business when in the metaverse and the hideout

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Cute and canon